Why Are So Many Millennials Becoming Nuns?

Ha! Clickbait title! But it’s also TRUE!

Why exactly ARE so many millennial females choosing to become nuns???

And furthermore: why are they increasingly choosing conservative rather than liberal denominations?

The HuffPost article imaginatively titled “Behold, The Millennial Nuns” presents statistical and anecdotal evidence that young women are more and more opting for a traditional religious vocation of charity and chastity:

…near the end of the 2000s, a half-dozen old friends I’d remembered as logical skeptics and trend-forward internet connoisseurs had become deeply religious. Some of them had been raised loosely Catholic, some had not. They blogged. They wrote Facebook posts about their conversions and shared memes about contraception-free family planning.

The timing here is important…marking a definite shift from earlier decades that saw a deficit in religiously-minded younger adults. And I mean younger–while the median age a decade ago for women considering becoming nuns was 40…now it’s 24.

And we’re not talking granola-crunching “hippie” nuns:

These young women have one last surprise: They tend to be far more doctrinally conservative than their predecessors. If you go deeper into their social media feeds, past the wacky photos of habited nuns making the hang-loose sign, you’ll find a firm devotion to the most traditional of Catholic beliefs. They fervently protest abortion. They celebrate virginity not as a necessity to free up time to serve God—how some “liberal” sisters see it—but as something in itself holy. It’s a severity that overlaps neatly, actually, with the OMG maximalism that dominates social media.

So why the shift? The article’s author, Eve Fairbanks, believes that part of it is this millennial “need” to have a more defined sense of their place in the world–to get some “direction”:

“There is nothing consistent in the secular world,” Rachael reflected. Catholicism, by contrast, taught that “truth is a fact.” Your obligations to other people and God couldn’t be trumped by your “personal truth.”

While I think this explanation is valid not just in regards to young females wanting to become nuns, but with many (increasingly conservative) millennials in general…I think there’s also another reason, which runs across the narrative of the article.

Younger females seem to be increasingly rejecting relationships with males.

Now: don’t get your briefs in a twist over what I’m saying here! I’m not “promoting” this point of view. Nor am I including here women who just naturally are not attracted to men.

It is just my **observation** that some of this newer generation of female–especially having watched the continual revelations blasted through social media regarding harassment and rape (#MeToo, Kavanaugh, Epstein, Weinstein, Cosby, ad infinitum)–have concluded that men are just too much damn trouble, and if they absolutely don’t need to be in a relationship with one, they’re happy to avoid it.

And, as Fairbanks points out in the piece…perhaps the best “boyfriend” is God.

This situation dovetails conveniently with my “Post-Sexual” futurist theory…as well as statistics indicating that millennials in general are having much less sex than other generations.

Please don’t shoot the messenger here, I’m just pointing shit out.

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