Is The MSM Starting To Take “The Conspiracy That Must Not Be Named” Seriously?

“Baffling critics and audiences in 1999, Eyes Wide Shut has become a defining movie of the Jeffrey Epstein era.”
–Andrew Whalen, “Newsweek”

This is literally Pizzagate in existence!”
–Jason Johnson, MSNBC contributor

I call it on this site “The Conspiracy That Must Not Be Named”–hoping to avoid pissing off the search engine algorithms who consider the mere mention of the word “Pizzagate” indicative of some type of alt-right screed.

Now, I am not a “believer” in the specific Pizzagate legend as commonly presented; but the algorithms don’t know that.

However, an MSNBC commentator recently comparing the Epstein mess with Pizzagate–by name!–has emboldened me just a little bit.

Of course…the “rub” to some hardcore proponents of the conspiracy theory is that their own God Emperor and some of his appointees seem a bit tangled up in said mess. If Pizzagate seemed to be very partisan in nature, Epsteingate has reached across both sides if the aisle.

Still…I would be lying to you if I said that with this flood of filth coming out about Epstein and his high-powered friends/clients, I haven’t revisited some aspects of the Pizzagate legend…as well as “fringe” tomes like Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For The Memories.”

As a recent Newsweek article exploring resonances between Eyes Wide Shut and Epsteingate points out…the current (apparently very real) scandal makes one more likely to entertain connections between Kubrick’s last film and “Illuminati” theories concerning it:

While subsequent years of child abuse cover-ups and political scandals—Epstein following the Catholic Church, Dennis Hastert, Operation Yewtree and Westminster’s missing “paedophile dossier”—hasn’t made Eyes Wide Shut any more or less shocking, they have made the extremities of orgiastic ritual more plausibly imaginable as a political or systemic phenomenon.

Now you conspiracy-heads don’t get too excited about the Newsweek piece…its ultimate conclusion is that Kubrick most likely was not referring to the crimes of his own elite circles when making the film. But the underlining message is clear…with Epsteingate, we might actually have something “worthy” of a trip through a Kubrickian hedge-maze.

The real “danger” of Pizzagate, to me, went beyond alt-right yahoos trying to set pizza joints on fire. It was also to make any talk of sex abuse conspiracies among the rich/famous/powerful seem absurd/unrealistic/crazy.

I worked for a woman once who had a background in Hollywood film production. She claimed she went on a date with a man who turned out to be Jeffrey Epstein’s brother. The man himself volunteered the revelation about his infamous sibling on that first date, because he felt she had a right to know.

This woman also told me–not specifically in relation to Epstein–that weird fucked up child abuse/sex trafficking shit does happen in Hollywood. She didn’t elaborate on the specifics, but gave the possible reason such powerful people get involved in such potentially career-ending activities. Basically: they are so rich and powerful that they have “done it all”…and so crimes like child abuse are seen as “the final frontier.” The final taboo.

She also told me about the Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer malfeasances before they became public…”an open secret.”

But you see…what the hell type of “authority” am I? And what the hell type of “authority” was her? And what is to stop me or anybody else from outright lying to you for politically motivated reasons? And this was the “danger” of the core Pizzagate frenzy of theorists and manic “concerned citizens.”

John Podesta–for whatever amalgam of reasons both sincere and conspiratorial–said in public some really sensitive shit about UFOs. When he tweeted out this shit several years ago, I was like “he’s gonna get SLAMMED for this shit.” Some people in high places were going to metaphorically smack the shit out of him. And then not that long after, he became the focal point of Pizzagate.

I’m not saying he is innocent, or guilty, or anything, really…I don’t know enough concrete info on this guy. But I do know that Bill Clinton has done enough stuff to qualify as an asshole. And I’m not too thrilled with Mr. Trumpy either. And perhaps…perhaps they’re all fucking “guilty.” Perhaps Epsteingate is worse and more far-reaching than we can even currently wrap our sweaty little brains around.

But I will leave you with what, to me, is the most chilling thing I’ve read on this case…from a Reddit commenter who warned the following:

Before everyone jumps on top of their moral high horse, maybe people should consider how this scandal could affect them personally.

The world order is maintained through blackmail and harming children.

What if the world order collapses and results in chaos, destruction, violence? Im not talking about the limited chaos, destruction and violence the world order commits now, Im talking about global collapse, chaos and destruction.

Right now, the world order’s violence is committed in far away places and most of us are unaffected and we get to enjoy a high standard of living (if in the US and the West) because of the current world order.

Are you willing to give that up? Are you willing to watch your kids suffer? Maybe its just better some other kids suffer other than your own? How righteous are you going to feel when your kids are starving or dead? Is the destruction of the world order worth the lives of your kids?

If you dont think that is a possibility, I do not think you understand what these people are capable of. These people will fuck and murder kids. Do you think they will think twice about throwing the world in to chaos to protect themselves? LOL…Nope.

So if you think tearing down the current, evil world order is going to be any thing less than horrifying, destructive, painful and deadly, then youre naive.

So, to play devil’s advocate, literally, here: Are you willing to lose your life and the lives of your kids over your sense of morality and how offended you are that some psychopaths somewhere are hurting kids you dont even know?

Reading this shit made my blood turn fucking cold, man…because I instantly recognized that those are the “rules” that some of the powerful play by…what I’ve referred to previously as “Save The King”…the belief that the crimes of the elite must not be exposed in order to maintain the status quo/The Kingdom.

To make your blood get even one degree colder: consider that Tracy Twyman was researching The Conspiracy That Must Not Be Named right before she died.

It’s why I don’t write about this shit all the time…I’ve personally dealt with power-types who have done shit like harassment and assault and I’ve seen, in that microcosm, how this shit is assiduously and fanatically covered-up. Threats and blacklisting are involved. I’ve donated my share of white hairs dealing with this shit.

And so…those are my thoughts on that.

OK Google, I’ve mentioned “Pizzagate” by name a bunch of times in this piece…how much is this gonna cost me in algorithm-credits?


  1. I am new to your site, and the mix of pop/sub-cultural analysis, synchro-mysticism, and conspiracy speculation is intriguing.
    Regarding this and related posts, I would like to add the following. The idea that these things are real, and the consequences to the world if they ever became acknowledged as such, is something that has preyed on my mind ever since I began serious research on the topic. What I have found over the years is that there are a growing number of persons who are starting to give weight to all of this. And, not all of them are 4chan/alt right fanatics. (One of the most depressing thing about conspiracy speculation is that it, too, falls prey to partisan views. When the truth is, what is happening goes beyond the political spectrum as we know it.)
    You are on the right track in your opinions of both Clinton and Trump. One of “the Donald”‘s greatest scams has been convincing portions of the country that he is somehow anti-elite/anti-establishment. A close look at his history would show any intelligent person how wrong this is.
    But, regarding those who have acknowledged the reality of organized abuse, I recommend that you check out a book called “Dialogues With Forgotten Voices”, by Harvey L. Schwartz. He is an accredited psychologist, and his focus is non-political and non-religious.
    While his focus is not on conspiracies, as such, his background is in the treatment of the most severe forms of child abuse. And, the testimonials of his patients speak volumes about what is really going on in the world. More than one of them cite abuse as part of an organized effort. Some cults, others related to black ops. The value of his work is that he is not grinding a conspiracy axe. But, what he unearths via his treatment of victims relates to that topic intimately.
    In your article you wrote about the effect that those Reddit comments had on you; the literally blood chilling aspect of it. I have had a number of those kinds of experiences since beginning this study. But, one that stands out in my mind was from the book I referenced above. One survivor goes into detail about his experiences; things that involved child prostitution and snuff film creation. If you see fit to post this, here is a excerpt from the session with this patient: (“T” is used to designate the therapist, “P” the patient.)

    P: Sometimes they make pictures and films of this stuff.

    T: Where did you get that idea?

    P: There are cameras in the room, off in the corner. Sometimes I can hear the sound of them clicking.

    T: What are these movies for?

    P: They’ll be shown on special news shows like on television, to let the people know what is happening in the world.

    T: Special news shows? What do you mean?

    P: News programs, like you would have with Walter Cronkite or something.

    T: But, who would be watching?

    P: The other people who live in the red world.

    T: Who are they, and what is the red world?

    P: Special people… the red world is the place you go when this is happening. Some people live in that world all the time, and these are the news reports that they want to see to know what is going on. The red world is the place where there are no rules and you can do whatever you want to whoever you want.


  2. And, regarding Tracy Twyman… best to lay the cards out plainly. I don’t believe she died; she was killed/suicided.
    If you can spare the time, go deeper into that. You will find the story of a woman who walked close to the dark, and it eventually consumed her.
    This is not to say that I am justifying her death; quite the opposite. I mourn her loss. But, her story is important not only because she was researching this stuff, but because it began on a personal note. She was a life-long occultist, whose delving into that world brought her closer and closer to a personal heart of darkness.
    She began as an almost text book example of someone infatuated with the occult. But, always a person of intelligence and insight, she went way beyond what most people do. From founding her own Order, to eventually uncovering the real Keys that make magic work. And, what she found sickened her, and frightened her.
    I think that much of her latter work was almost an attempt at expiation. And, what she had touched and come to understand eventually decided she had gone too far.
    Please understand that when I write this way, about the occult, I am not approaching it from a Christian view point. I don’t believe that all occult practices are intrinsically evil. But, anyone who has gone beyond the infatuation stage, and really gone deep into this world, will confirm that there are persons and groups who use the most depraved methods in their approach.
    It’s not myth; it’s fact. And, Twyman’s death is the proof of it.


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