The Comedian And Ozymandias Leadership Archetypes


The way I look at it—and I base this on over 25 years (fuck, 35 years?) of observation, is that there are two basic types of Leaders in the world—two different diametrically-opposed leadership archetypes.

Ozymandiases. And Comedians.

Now, I’m not talking about those rare salt-of-the-earth saintly-and-earnest once-in-a-lifetime bosses or generals or presidents. I’m just talking basics, broad categories.

The Comedian leader archetype is usually sort of crude, outwardly autocratic, perhaps buffoonish (from medieval Latin buffo ‘clown’) violently-tempered, flamboyantly egotistical, and wears his fascism on his sleeve.


He his a bully who treats anyone he perceives as weaker or inferior—women, minorities, homosexuals, the poor, etc.—as absolute garbage.


The Comedian’s answer to everything is Force. Evolutionarily, he’s not that high on the ladder, if you know what I mean—he’s living from somewhere between his lizard and mammal brain. But he honestly thinks he is the smartest, bestest, sexiest, most lovable, worthiest person on the entire planet—and he will be the first to tell you so, and the first to kill you or send you to the gulag (or fire you) if you don’t agree.


The Comedian hates educated types—that’s egghead stuff. That’s dangerous. Because he’s still partially living from the literally caveman brain—living directly from his DNA impulses. It goes without saying that he is, in the end—no matter how he might at moments piously claim otherwise—a materialist. There is no heaven and hell. There is no soul. There are just Animals.


Now let’s look at Ozymandias. He is reserved and shrewd about EVERYTHING: his status (which he knows is high—”high breeding”—but he doesn’t brag about it because that would be gauche), what makes him happy, what makes him upset, his favorite ice-cream flavor, everything.


He doesn’t discriminate against women, minorities, the poor, etc. He doesn’t do that because he knows that 97% of the human race are his inferiors, and so that would be just pointless. He does particularly dislike crude people—like The Comedian—but is perfectly willing to work with them to achieve a certain goal.


Ozymandias lives largely in his head (and that, unlike lizard-brained Comedian, includes erotically). He is, after all, “the smartest man alive.” He greatly values education. He entertains a sort of restrained, Aristotelian spiritual sense about things—but will not hesitate to use specific admittedly esoteric means to win an objective. (But Ozy wouldn’t hesitate to use any means to achieve a goal, if it was the rational choice.)


Ozymandias suspects that there might be a “heaven” or “hell,” so to speak. But he thinks he’s figured it out. He thinks that what we consider “spiritual” is really just scientific stuff that haven’t been fully quantified and controlled yet.


Two different leadership archetypes. Now go over your list of world leaders from the last 100 years or so and start figuring out who is who. Some are hybrids between Ozys and Comedians. But ultimately: Ozys always win.

And Ozys won’t hesitate to “burn” a Comedian when it suits their purposes.

And this, folks, is the type of “energy” I am feeling in the world at present, at a whole bunch of different levels.

If we go to the source material from my Ozy/Comedian metaphor—The Watchmen—we see that (spoilers) it is Ozy who beats the shit out of Comedian and throws him out a window. Now, did Ozy do this out of the goodness of his heart, because the Comedian raped their teammate way back when?

Or did Ozy do this because it was time to tie up some loose ends? That it was time to “make a statement?”

Or maybe Ozy did it because he found the Comedian simply too gauche to live?

I mean, you look at a case like Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein and the answer seems to be “all of the above”—with the avenging-the-teammate part not really the highest on that list.

At any rate, I don’t think anybody is going to literally get thrown out of windows. But I think some are metaphorically going to get thrown out of windows. But that’s just the vibe I get. I could be wrong. I could just be a stupid lapsed comic book fan who probably sees patterns where none exist.


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