The RAW And The Cooked

Robert Anton Wilson’s writing truly acts like a balm to my soul. There is an optimistic quality to it that does not feel fake or forced or manipulative. Whereas with a lot of genre material written by authors nowadays, it either feels like manipulative new age stuff or continual dread.

In particular, a number of these authors don’t have anything very nice to say about RAW, and express paranoia that he was some sort of agent for “the conspiracy.” And of course…we can go all the way back to Mae Brussell for this RAW distrust, but at least she wasn’t trying to “shadow-promote” fascist agendas through her work like some of the Braintrust nowadays.

Writers like David Wilcock coming so close to endorsing the fascistic aspects of the new age ideology—the theory that “races” reincarnate together…to the actual point of view that white races stick together to reincarnate, in all the most “advanced” cultures.

Oh, good god. And he doesn’t see through that bs? Of course not. He is too busy
arguing how you can validate reincarnation using visual similarities; something he is obsessed with to validate his theory that he’s Edgar Cayce; and even if he was Cayce, that still means he’s the asshole talking about white raw reincarnating together.

That’s the thing…uncanny phenomena can really happen…but that doesn’t mean we really understand or could know what it all really means. And in our act of interpreting it, that’s where Ego begins to taint it. And it’s so easy for someone like DW to possess genuine “talents”—but then go off the rails with messiah complexes, very skewed “mega-theories,” etc.

Whereas when RAW encountered the Sirius stuff, he went through a period of
entertaining Ego-driven explanations about it…and then decided to take it all with
a grain of salt. That’s probably why he lived longer than PKD.

You can identify these gurus, by the way, by their talk of “space brothers” and the big ending with the UFO and the harvest and the rapture and the golden place everyone (at least, the “woken”) goes to.

Very few of them are like: “I’m not sure what the hell they are or if they really exist!” I guess because that doesn’t sell enough books.

What if these “space brothers” are really the parasites themselves?

And RAW encouraged questioning. And PKD, for all his neuroses, constantly questioned.

But the public at large doesn’t want to waste time questioning and using critical thinking. They want a guru of one stripe or another.

That’s how the gurus stay in business. That’s how the Ego taints the ancient wisdom. That’s how so much of the ancient wisdom itself is questionable, having been so tainted and fucked-with over the millennia. I mean, what Blavatsky was into, what Crowley was into, even what Cayce was into—that was a real amalgam of questionable stuff. The Blavatsky stuff was even tied later on into Nazism.

No wonder why so much of the conspiracy establishment hated RAW and saw him as an “agent” of one stripe or another.

But in the end, what do I really know? I’m Nobody.


  1. This is synchronistically hilarious. The only two blogs I really bother with our butterfly language and raw illumination. Today on Raw Illumination there’s a big long post about some kind of Twitter uproar in which a few folks claimed that Bob is retroactively aiding and abetting the alt right. And then you post this on the same day. As usual, of course, the comments on Raw Illumination are of a transcendent quality compared to the stuff from Twitter.

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    • Thanks for tipping me off about those discussions; reading them now. I think part of the issue for me is that conspiracy theories would endure regardless if somebody like RAW discussed them or not. Conspiracy theories are as old as folklore. At least we had people like RAW to intelligently (and with a degree of humor & even self-deprecation) parse them out. And there were a number of very left-leaning non-racist conspiracy theorists like Mae Brussell; I try to remind people of this.


  2. RAW influenced me greatly at a certain point in my life. He was smart and imminently likeable and I’m very ambivalent about him in this season of life. Leary and Crowley were very probably intelligence assets (read Spencer’s Secret Agent 666 and Bowart’s classic Operation Mind Contro. RAW did heavy cheerleading for the ideas of both men, neither of whom have been net positives for humanity. Charismatic and very intelligent narcissists working for ethically challenged intelligence agencies, roping in the rubes with sex and drugs only to leave them slaves to their passions. Did RAW know this stuff about Ol’ Uncles Al and Tim? Who knows. Maybe?

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    • I believe RAW expressed those own doubts in a lecture once. First he talked about the accusations Mae Brussell made about him, and quipped that if he was indeed an agent of the Rockefellers, he’d have gold stacked in his house up to the ceiling. But he followed that with: “I think it’s a very useful yoga to once a day ask yourself, are you a Useful Idiot? Sometimes, you never know.” And so I think though he was a cheerleader for the Leary types, he also kept the door open—perhaps only slightly, or quietly—to the possibility of something more sinister that he was unwittingly adding to. You see that again in “Cosmic Trigger I” where he starts to have some misgivings about the Illuminatus! trilogy, in that real-life conspiratorial things started to happen after the book was published. It was a “joke”…until it wasn’t.


  3. There is not an ounce of evidence that Leary was an asset, however there is tons of evidence that the FBI wanted people to think that. Crowley on the other hand…

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  4. BTW—Did you notice Jesse Walters comment on that raw illumination post?

    “wait…I just noticed that this UFO guru is kind of racist”

    I think you are onto something here! 😉


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