The Resonator #7: Revenge Of The Living Monolith

Today is a very…”resonant” day. Let us count down all the resonances, shall we?

The 2nd Anniversary Of Chester Bennington’s Suicide


Linkin Park frontman Bennington was found hanged in his home on this day in 2017. It was the birthday of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell–Bennington’s friend, who had hung himself two months previously.

I particularly remember this day because my husband assiduously tried to keep all social media and news away from me for as long as possible so I wouldn’t find out what happened to Bennington–because I was a big fan of Linkin Park and had been particularly creeped out by Cornell’s death.

I write about the strange energy leading up to and surrounding the suicides of Cornell and Bennington in the series of posts entitled “The New Fatalism”–Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

I’ve also discussed the idea of “spiritual contagion” in relation to “copycat” suicides in this post about the tragic band Badfinger.

The Anniversary Of Vince Foster’s Death


Vincent Walker Foster Jr. was found dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth in Fort Marcy Park on this day in 1993. It was ruled a suicide. At the time, he was Deputy White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton, and to this day many (mostly right-wing) conspiracy theories have swirled around about his death.

I am no big Clintonologist, and so I won’t do a lot of speculation on the details of Foster’s passing. On one hand, there was a lot of weird forensics surrounding his death, which is painstakingly detailed in true Law & Order fashion in Richard Belzer’s book Dead Wrong. On the other hand: Foster suffered from tremendous depression and anxiety, was overworked & rapidly losing weight, and was at the time embroiled in a public “travel office” controversy that left him extremely bitter at the media.


Whatever the case about Foster’s death…it was clear that his job was very unhealthy for him.

The Anniversary Of Bruce Lee’s Death


Legendary actor Bruce Lee died on this day of a swelling of the brain in 1973. He allegedly complained of a headache earlier in the day, and was prescribed the painkiller Equagesic. He then went for a nap and never woke up. It was theorized that he was perhaps allergic to the Equagesic, and his passing was ruled “death by misadventure.”

You will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that there are many conspiracy theories surrounding Lee’s death. Was he murdered by Chinese triads that he managed to piss off? Perhaps ninjas? Angry martial arts masters who were resentful that Lee popularized their secrets for the masses? The fact that he died at the home of an attractive Taiwanese actress that was not his wife also added gasoline to the rumor fire.

Whatever the case, it should also be noted that two months prior, the actor collapsed of cerebral edema while recording dialogue for Enter The Dragon; so there might have been some pre-existing health issue.

Scholars of synchronicity might also note a number of resonances between Lee’s death and that of his son Brandon Lee in 1993 on the set of The Crow. Was, like in the Bennington/Cornell and Badfinger cases, there some sort of tragic “survivor’s guilt” energy at play in the passing of Lee’s son?

You might think that’s plenty of weird and dark resonances for one day…but, as the late Billy Mays said,

The Anniversary Of The Aurora “Dark Knight Rises” Massacre


On this day in 2012, James Eagan Holmes, dressed in tactical gear, stormed a midnight showing of the new film The Dark Knight Rises and murdered 12 people. There were 82 people in total shot during the siege–at that time the most in American history.

Due to the subject matter of the movie, and the fact that Holmes had apparently dyed his hair, it was dubbed in the press as the “Joker Killings.” This followed a smattering of Joker-related crimes committed in the years following Dark Knight actor Heath Ledger’s untimely death (which shares a number of resonances with Brandon Lee’s passing).

I’ve written extensively about the shooting–which I found out not long after a grueling week covering San Diego Comicon for MTV–including a “true crime” comic book about the incident:

If, as I explore in my post series “Messenger Shiva,” 9/11 was the event that really started me reading esoteric material…then the Aurora incident was the one that finally convinced me to start writing it. It might have been as simple as the fact that I had handled and edited Joker-related material at DC Comics. This was a powerful, enduring archetype. And now it was linked to some awful real-world events.

But the massacre in Aurora also “kicked off” a seemingly endless wave of mass-shootings in the United States, often committed by troubled young men not that much different from James Holmes. At the end of that year–right before the fabled “Mayan Apocalypse” date–we would have Sandy Hook. The Apocalypse, indeed.


And thus endeth my little exploration into what happened on this day in history. You’re welcome.

As for me? I’m doing fine. I just finished reading Jack Kirby’s 2001: A Space Odyssey series. He has one quite prescient issue that takes place in a sort of “comic-con” of the future, where people cosplay and fight in simulated superhero stories. There’s that slight tangy aftertaste of disgust in Kirby’s narrative that I recognize only too well.

Spoilers: in the story, our hapless, sorta “beta” protagonist gets “flagged” by the Monolith, and sent into a “real” science-fiction drama where he can protect the Princess (who looks sort of like a living anime character; toldja this was prescient) and save Earth.

And then the Monolith is kinda like “ha-ha!” and puts our hero “under,” so they can artificially age him and turn him into another “Starchild.”

The question then becomes (as it is for most of the series)…was any of this real all along? Or did the Monolith peeps manipulate everything?


And that’s it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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