Modern Psychology: Dogma, Critical Thinking, And Where YOU Fit In


There is an awful lot of relevant news to cover, my dears, but before I do I thought it would be helpful to brush up on our comprehension of Modern Psychology™.

1. We are in the middle of one of one of the biggest ideological “wars” in modern history. It is not a war fought mostly on the battlefields, but on the computer screens and smart phones of the average citizen.

2. Humans are, in general, not as evolved as they would like to think they are. The all-compelling power of DNA–specifically, the instructions to replicate one’s DNA into the next generations (including such topics as reproduction and survival)–holds sway for a good part of the population.

3. The ability to comprehend and tolerate nuance and ambiguity is a higher-evolved trait that only a fraction of the population possesses. Ambiguity often goes against primal-animal DNA objectives such as quick and easy identification of enemies, mating partners, and more.

4. The current war of ideologies is a “smoke screen” for the bigger and more covert war…that of dogma versus critical thinking. Which is another way of saying: a war between people of varying degrees of evolvement.

5. Dogma benefits the primal DNA imperative.

6. Critical thinking = “ambiguity” = a higher evolved way of comprehending the world = a threat to the primal DNA imperative.

7. Sometimes the biggest danger is not the “Neanderthal” but the Neanderthal who is under the impression that they are a bastion of tolerance, intelligence, and critical thinking. Because at least with the former, you know what you’re dealing with.

8. You will be pressured to “pick a side” in this current ideological war. It might almost be beneficial to just outwardly (per social media, the only form of communication that “matters”) and unambiguously support one “side” or the other. I will not blame you if you take this course of action as a strategy of survival. (Another method, of course, is to simply choose to not engage in such online conversation/expression at all; though, per the current society, that might seem “suspect” by default).

9. If you do not publicly pick a “side,” a “side” might be designated to you by the keepers of the Sides as a means of punishment for your ambiguity. There have even been cases where an ambiguous person has had contradictory “sides” imposed on them by both sides. This is because, as previously stated, the Bigger War is not between different sides, but between dogma and critical thinking.

10. You must understand that the person who hews to this unwavering dogma is often much “happier” than the thinking individual. This is because the dogma “flips the switch” in the primal brain; giving one a sense of security and survival. Now: it doesn’t matter if the dogma being followed is ultimately self-annihilating; we are talking about basic, primal triggers and reactions here.

11. If you are a more “ambiguous” sort who engages in a lot of critical thinking, you might want to “relieve” this constant sense of alienation and hopelessness you feel living in the current society by getting a lobotomy.

12. As a more hopeful alternative to lobotomy, I might suggest instead you take upon yourself the public role of the “Fool.” The key here is to not seem like a “threat” to the two prevailing Sides of the ideological war by instead consciously portraying the Buffoon and Absurdist.

13. Please understand that if you do–by dint of some miracle or even (yes) your hard work/talent–manage to become a popular and influential member of the ambiguous tribe of critical thinkers, there will be many attempts to co-opt you to one Side or the other. If you repeatedly turn down these offers of being co-opted, do not be surprised if a Side is unceremoniously imposed upon you as “punishment” (see point #9). Also do not be surprised if you are “ruined” in some way.

14. I suppose the question at this point is: who will ultimately prevail: Side 1, Side 2, or the Critical Thinker? Well, Side 1 and Side 2 ultimately “feed” into each other, creating a sort of Ouroboros. The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other. Meanwhile, crucial aspects leading to the survival of the species are not addressed. Perhaps, if these two Sides could collaborate on a middle-ground in order to establish a society based on the best ideas of multiple ideologies, humans as a whole could have a “shot”…but to do so would require a level of development that the majority simply do not have. At the same time, that small pack of the more evolved are continually run into the ground and out of town. So who “wins?”

15. Redefine “winning.”

16. I had a dream once in which a “wise man”/”Holy Guardian Angel”/pooka of a type instructed me: “Don’t anger the locals.” And the “locals”…are most of humanity.

17. I’m just kidding, of course. I’m really a part of your Side. I’ve been such all along. I know you could tell, because you thought I had a few good ideas…and they could only be “good” ideas if they were really a part of your Side. We aren’t like that other Side, you and me. That other side…they’re the Barbarians (or godless Satanists, or evil Troglodytes, or what have you).

18. And aren’t the “Critical Thinkers” a Side as well? The “ambiguous”…that’s a choice, right? That’s damn near an actual political stance! If we are to “abolish” Sides then shouldn’t such a group be abolished as well? Ya gotta have meaning, right? Ya gotta have standards. Ya gotta have a code of conduct. And who will determine that code? Well: your Side, of course! Because your Side is obviously the correct one. Because we have to have “standards.”

19. (Grabs a handful of shelled walnuts) anyway, here is what’s going to happen. Ready? K. So what’s going to happen is that the two Sides are going to continue to have this long, drawn-out ugly battle for supremacy. The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other. As each Side takes turns (*takes turns*) in leadership, more and more “corrective” measures are taken to “ensure” that the “tyranny” of the other Side does not return. But what *actually happens* is that more and more things are put in place to curb critical thinking and steer the public back to a dogmatic/primal state of fealty to the Leader, a monolithic code of living, and so on. Unfortunately, this type of mentality will not steer humanity through the essential quantum weirdness and danger they will face in the decades to come.

20. So what can “you” do? Stay out of the way.

21. Stay out of the way, try to take concrete measures to alleviate suffering in others (if that is your true motivation), do things that make you happy (if that is your true motivation), simply exist.

22. Also, consider the possibility that humans were never meant to exist within such large social structures. Ask yourself: what is your ideal social structure? Who are your friends? What are your values? How have these values evolved? How might these values evolve in the future? Are you willing to let them evolve? Are you willing to let yourself evolve?

23. But what do I know? I am Nobody.


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