The Resonator #10: Skippy And The Sacred Chao


“…does a butterfly remember being the caterpillar? Are they the same creature? After spilling its cocoon the caterpillar turns into a gooey mess and then somehow transforms into a butterfly. It really makes me wonder if they are really the same creature because the caterpillar’s brain even liquifies, every bit of it liquifies and then somehow magically turns into a flying flower eating bug.”
from Reddit thread on 2012

Welcome to The Resonator! If I get into a certain groove, it pretty much writes itself.

On this day in 2005, astronomers announced the discovery of a new dwarf planet in our solar system. It was named Eris, after the Greek goddess of chaos and discord.

The dwarf planet Eris, appropriately at the very fringe of our solar system

The religion known as Discordianism worships the goddess Eris. Per the mythological legend, one day Zeus decided not to invite Eris to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, because he felt that she was a big fucking troublemaker. This is known as The Original Snub. In response to this snub, Eris fashioned the golden Apple of Discord, which is included in the Discordian Sacred Chao.

The Sacred Chao

In November of 2013 I began a “correspondence” with Skippy, the Bastard Stepchild of Eris. Nothing of much importance was really learned; in fact it was almost a complete waste of my fucking time.

To ensure that nobody would end up worshipping Skippy (which, believe me, would be generally considered A Mistake), I granted him the image of the late great comic Rik Mayall.

I knew that if I turned this all into a big joke–a satire, a jape–nobody would take him or his words seriously.

Six years later, I feel confident that I did the right and responsible thing concerning my little foray into heavy esotericism (which, to be honest, could have also been my right brain talking to my left brain, my Holy Guardian Angel, aliens from Sirius, a complete nervous breakdown, a conscious writing exercise, or even just absolute bullshit with which to convince others that I was special and/or interesting and/or “spiritually attuned” in some way).


Before I go into some odd and ends (and odder), I wanted to let you know that I’m putting a lot more content on my Twitter and Tumblr–so be sure not to miss out on all this valuable information and nail-biting spleen-busting excitement!

Also, as a reminder, if you are currently looking into Charlie Manson lore because of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, be sure you’ve read my post “The Manson Frequency,” as well as “Tripping The Manson-Nixon Line.” (This post gives some of my initial thoughts about the movie’s trailer.

Despite some mixed reviews for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, I’ve heard enough about it to motivate me to go out and see it. I’ll admit one of my dark secrets–finding out a movie’s spoilers beforehand can make me desire to see the film more (case in point: Hereditary). I know it’s sacrilege, but that’s just how I roll. This flick is supposed to have an INSANE ending, so I gotta go….

And now for something somewhat different (though you’ll find, if you do this research as much as I do, that the same people end up connected to the same people)…here’s a panel from the sadly out-of-print 1995 comic book anthology The Big Book Of Conspiracies, featuring Robert Anton Wilson and “Billy” Burroughs:

The particular story itself was about the U.S. space program, but the RAW bit concerned that pesky “23 Enigma.” (As I’ve pointed out previously, the 2007 movie The Number 23 was ultimately not only inspired by Wilson’s work, but features a very Wilson-like character).

And here’s a cool RAW/Discordian collage that’s making the rounds…

Next: crop circles in a man’s chest hair?

Considering the doctor interviewed in the article is named Charles Dexter Ward, I think it’s safe to file this one under…”fake news” (groaaaaaaan).

Here is an image of Kali covered in severed emoji heads:

Next, a picture of Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla’s lab (is that dude to the far left Tesla himself?)…(also: I would not be 100% surprised if this turns out to be a fake but we can dream, can’t we?)….

And my new favorite emoji (yes! perhaps even more than “Suspicious Thinking”), Smoking Crying Moon:


I will leave you with this thought-provoking passage from the recent Forbes article, “We Have Already Entered The Sixth And Final Era Of Our Universe”:

“Once dark energy takes over, something bizarre happens: the large-scale structure in the Universe ceases to grow. The objects that were gravitationally bound to one another before dark energy’s takeover will remain bound, but those that were not yet bound by the onset of the dark energy age will never become bound. Instead, they will simply accelerate away from one another, leading lonely existences in the great expanse of nothingness.”

Which means, of course…be sure you’re bound to whatever you want to be bound to, or forever hold your peace!


Have a lovely Monday, and remember: Skippy Provides.

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