People Are Like Planets

(Something I wrote way back in 1998, and have only saved out of sheer happenstance):

People are like planets. They are made up of many layers, from the core to the atmosphere.

The core is the truest, innermost self. The atmosphere is the face we show to the world, which might be very different from the core.

Each person is on his or her own unique path, their orbit. The thing about an orbit is that it doesn’t end, it just goes around and around; the planet will pass by the same items on its journey again and again.

One can approach the people in one’s life as an interplanetary explorer, like Captain Kirk. The act of exploring planets can be exciting or terrifying. One may come across a planet whose properties are completely alien to us, and this may be frustrating.

A planet may have a thick, primordial soup of an atmosphere, dense, and you cannot see through it to the sphere itself. Then, suddenly, a thin spot in the atmosphere will appear, a patch, and you can get a glimpse of what’s going on beneath…but then it closes up again!

Exploring other planets can be cool. but sometimes the most interesting planet to explore is yourself.

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