What Happens When The Crackpots Are Right?


And obviously…I surround “right” with quotation marks because clearly it’s not as simple as that. But still

Let me see if I have this Jeffrey Epstein case “straight,” so far. (Maybe I’m just, you know, fucked up in the head and I’ve been hearing things incorrectly.)

Jeffrey Epstein was a very rich guy with a private island with a very strange building on it…who was connected/friends with the highest echelon of international politicians, royalty, billionaires, and captains of industry…who literally had a direct line to the White House…who was buds with both the Clintons and the Trumps…who very well might have also been not only a prolific pedophile but secured underage “tricks” for some of his famous clients…who now, per this brand-new New York Times article, was not only a fervent “Transhumanist” but literally wanted to use his DNA to spawn a race of superior human beings (via, of course, impregnating these young women with his seed personally).

Now, if somebody (say, Joe Schmendrick) wrote out the entire scenario I have just told you on some “conspiracy forum,” accusing some guy of Epstein’s stature…you’d think he’s a nutter, right?

I mean…these elements are classic conspiracy narratives. Classic: the “Eyes Wide Shut” networks of the famous and powerful who do weird sex rituals with underage participantsthe “MKUltraesque” practice of grooming young girls for sexual slavery and (one would assume) honeypot schemes/blackmail…the “Transhumanist Agenda” where the rich elites secretly plan to create genetically engineered “super-spawn”…

I’m not sure how I feel about all this.

This is starting to make me concerned.

I’m sure…I’m sure there must be **a rational explanation for the entire thing**.

Here’s part of the NYT piece:

Bonus: I’m sure none of his famous friends and clients knew **anything about**–much less shared–Epstein’s views on eugenics or his plan to seed the Earth with his superhuman spawn.

Because…that would be CRAZY!


  1. Some Morlocks “leak” information to “Nutters” because the Nutters will spread the word. Most of the Eloi (general public) will ignore that information, you know; because, uhh… Nutters. But the cat will still be let out of the bag.

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