The Resonator #14: Perimenopause Ice-Cream Sundae

“I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone’s imagination.”
–Hunter S. Thompson

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Today’s image is from the fine folks at GlitchTVBot, whose steady stream of pixelated aberrations provides me with moments–nay, multi-moments–of amusement and useful self-reflection.

I’m so glad and relieved that despite the horrific events of the last several days, the online debate as to whether Italians should be considered “white” is still going strong.

According to a number of socially-conscious Twitter users, “mental health issues are not to blame” for this rash of mass-shootings–to even consider such an unlikely scenario tantamount to being some sort of retrograde blood-thirsty card-carrying NRA water-carrier.

Now, I understand the motivation here: to shift the “blame” as squarely over to guns and Trump as humanly possible. And for the record: I do think there needs to be better gun control laws, and certainly the 45th president is not doing a lot to calm the David Cronenberg-level of national Apocalyptic dread and shuddering currently afflicting the nation.

But if you review the history of Dayton shooter Connor Betts (an apparent “Warren 2020” supporter)…you’d have to be really out of touch with reality yourself to not count his long-time documented and profound psychological issues towards a possible “reason” for his deadly attack.

Of course, there’s a serious problem when a person with those documented incidents is still able to buy a small military-grade arsenal…hence the need for some degree of reform. But the hardcore NRA types don’t want any type of reform because of the long-standing right wing conspiracy theory that this will be the “first step” in disarming the populace and installing the New World Order.

So basically: nobody seems to want to work together and cooperate to actually fix this situation. This is the rather quietly horrifying conclusion I came to in the wake of the Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton shootings.

Further: I spent a couple of years studying these mass shooting cases, from like 2012 (James Holmes and Sandy Hook). This is a wider phenomenon than just a “Trump” phenomenon. Not that Trumpy isn’t making an already volatile situation even worse. But he didn’t “invent” this.

This is a wider, broader, more systemic problem that is the “perfect storm” of mental illness, possible autism spectrum disorder in some cases, online radicalization, economic depression, extremist thought, political manipulation, sexual dysfunction, educational dysfunction, lack of sense of life purpose, lack of healthy sense of masculinity, parental issues, and a type of deadly existential ennui that seemed to birth itself like the horrible Horus child in the shadow of 9/11.

Are violent video games and movies also to “blame?” Not per se–but certainly, if you have an individual with a whole red flag checklist of major psychological problems tending towards an idealization of violence, maybe they shouldn’t watch that marathon of extreme gore clips & beat off to them. This just seems like common sense.

It’s just common sense, folks. But common sense don’t pay the bills.

Well…actually…common sense does pay the bills. It’s just that you’re not going to ever be a major **boss** playing it so square, daddio.


Ironic-hip BS is not funny! It’s destroying the entire 300 thread count fabric of our nation!


I’m ovulating the same time I’m menstruating! So exciting!


Some great quotes found ’round Twitter:

“my slack friends all have jobs oppressing my discord friends”

“You know when you look in the mirror and realize you’ll never be as good looking as @ZacEfron and you’ll always be a Frankie Muniz looking mother fucker? Imagine being Frankie Muniz.”
Frankie Muniz

“Karl Marx failed to consider how fast an anime fansite can devolve into a white supremacist terrorist cell”
Karl Marx failed to consider

“I don’t like the Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling movie, but I like that the world has a Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling movie”
Todd In The Shadows

“All the wrong people hate themselves.”
Tig Notaro

“Fuck my life.”

…and this meme floating about:



And finally…Jeffrey Epstein’s private helicopter and Matthew Perry’s L.A. penthouse are both currently up for sale. Sign of a weakened economy? Should you invest in gold? How about that one weird trick that can make you lose 30 lbs in just two weeks?

Thanks for reading, have a good one…I’m going to buy some ice-cream now and rub it all over my forehead.



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