Tardigrades, Walmart Guns, and Menstrual LSD, OH MY!

Unlike my previous posts, this one might not be in the “sweetness and light” zen yoga style you have come to expect from me. If you wish to stay, strap in!

So let me see if I understand this correctly (because I might be a little fucked up in the head and got this wrong): An Israeli lunar lander named Beresheet was hired by some organization called “The Arch Mission Foundation” to drop off a “care package” on the moon consisting of:

…the foundation’s first lunar library, a DVD-sized archive containing 30 million pages of information, human DNA samples, and thousands of tardigrades, those microscopic “water bears” that can survive pretty much any environment—including space.

You following me so far?

Now, The Arch Mission Foundation is a Los Angeles nonprofit dedicated to create, quote, “a backup of planet Earth.” Beresheet was to be the first private spacecraft (albeit unmanned) to land on the moon.

But instead of landing nice and smooth on the moon, it crashed…theoretically spilling thousands of these hardy microscopic “water bears” (a.k.a. “micro pigs”) all over its surface.

Per Arch Mission Foundation founder Nova Spivack in an interview with Wired:

The promising thing about the tardigrades, says Spivack, is that they could hypothetically be revived in the future. Tardigrades are known to enter dormant states in which all metabolic processes stop and the water in their cells is replaced by a protein that effectively turns the cells into glass. Scientists have revived tardigrades that have spent up to 10 years in this dehydrated state, although in some cases they may be able to survive much longer without water.

Spivack also decided to include samples of human DNA in Beresheet’s “care package” at the last minute.


Beresheet is, of course, Hebrew for “in the beginning”…and is also the name of the first portion of Genesis (the whole creating the Earth and life thing) in Torah study. So…it seems like what we really have here is an attempt to “fertilize” the moon into a type of New Eden…a mission spearheaded by a man whose first name means “new” in Latin.

So whaddya think ’bout ‘dat ?


That’s the thing, Folks…you don’t need to follow any extravagant “conspiracy theories”…you don’t need to breathlessly wait for cryptic messages From QAnon…

Just read the news. Just read the news and contemplate what it is they are saying; and what they are showing you but not saying specifically.

An attempt was just made to “seed” the Moon. And they may very well have succeeded. But instead of caring very much about that, “Michael Cera ” trends on Twitter. Because nothing surprises or stirs the imagination of the Public anymore. In one ear, out the other.

And this is why Trump’s followers love him, and this is why a good part of the media (though they’ll never admit it) love him too. Because he provides continual 24/7 gory messy trainwreck-level “entertainment” for the Masses.

Because most of us don’t give a shit if the Moon turns into the literal fucking “Genesis Planet” from the Star Trek movies, and don’t care if we’re helping destroy our own Earth, and etc. What they want is: fast Internet speeds. “Is my Internet running fast enough? Can I stream my shows?”

And in that sense…I can’t really “blame” Nova Spivack for wanting to create a “Genesis Planet.”


Back in the good ol’ U.S. of A we have even more young white men in their late teens/early twenties suddenly going insane and seized with the need to, if not outright commit mass shootings, then at least threaten them.

Walmart seems to be a focal “target” (no pun intended) in a number of these stories. When I stayed in Florida last month, some sort of explosion happened in a mall attached to a Walmart several towns away. They said it was probably a gas thing, but I’m not sure if that was ever confirmed. Certainly, it attracted the attention of the Feds, and our own local Walmart was briefly evacuated at one point either due to a related investigation or a threat.

The importance of the local Walmart to a large portion of the country cannot be overstated. It is the social hub. Huge, huge airplane-hangar-sized spaces stocked with everything from food, clothing, electronics, car repair, barber services, and you-fucking-name it. It is the place to be when you have no fucking other place to go.

And so in the wake of the latest rash of shootings, Walmart has decided to remove “violent” video game displays but keep the guns and ammo.

Do you understand why some forward-thinking Elon Musk type motherfuckers are trying to seed the Moon with tardigrades, a fully-stocked digital library, and human DNA?


Of course, there are more important things than mere “Genesis Planets” to occupy one’s thoughts as we theoretically spin on a rock in vast infinite space. Such as: how’s my menstrual cycle? I know you’re dying to find out. Well, let me tell you:

By far the most interesting part of this little “journey” I’m on is the impact on my dream cycle. Usually, I have vivid/lucid dreams about 3 days before my period starts. I mean, when I was in my twenties, I had a lot more and recorded most of them, but over time it just “faded away” to just those handful of days.

But NOW…now I have incredibly long, vivid, lucid, sometimes-seemingly-prophetic dreams EVERY NIGHT. Every night for three weeks running so far.

In fact, in one of those dreams I apparently took a “hit” of LSD (in the form of a little glowing worm from a cup). Now: I’ve never taken psychedelics. But in that dream, it honestly felt like the way psychedelics would be. And in the dream, that worm was specifically called a “psychedelic.”

And in yesterday’s dream–in addition to a possible precog about some really minor trivial shit (which is about 80% of my precogs)–I was basically “told” that I’m going through an incredible time of personal power and change. And that, to an extent, I just have to let it happen & don’t get in my own way.

And that’s the irony of my situation at the moment. I’m really physically weak–and kinda feel like a “loser” for all the usual reasons–but I also do feel like I’m on the verge of a “breakthrough.”

Lastly, a word on dreams…I really don’t “trust” info gleaned from meditations, hypnosis, “channeling,” automatic writing, and so on. But I do trust dream material, something I’ve based on over 25 years of experience. To be clear: I don’t necessarily trust personal interpretations of dream material. But I do pay attention to the actual images and “storylines” dreams present to me. They are probably the only sorts of “metaphysical revelation” I really trust.

But that don’t gotta be how you do things. That’s just me. That’s how I roll.

Have a good Friday.

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  1. That image of the micro pig (with the black background) resembles Pink Floyd’s pig that flew over concert goers during the “Dark Side of the Moon” tour.

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