Jeffrey Epstein Has Left The Building


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anything interesting happen in the news lately?

It’s hard for me to go back to this Jeffrey Epstein topic, because I feel like I ran through every permutation regarding it through my mind this weekend…and I’m kind of “over” it.

I mean…I wasn’t surprised that he was found dead. Once the first sketchy “suicide attempt” happened, I figured it was only a matter of time.

Guys like Epstein…that well-connected and responsible for that high-heinous level of crimes…they either get off with a slap on the wrist (which is what happened to him the first time around, an absolute crime that should be fully investigated), or they end up dead.

(The only person like this I know who actually went through the entire legal process and was found guilty and really sent up the river was Bill Cosby. And some people say that despite Cosby’s massive former fame and power, the reason he got fully busted and put away–when so many others haven’t–was because he’s Black. When I see the Weinsteins and Spaceys put away, I’ll question that theory regarding Cosby just a wee bit more.)

Ya gotta have a big pair of balls to do and say this shit…

And Kevin Spacey–who I believe made a public appearance recently to recite poetry that was thinly disguised about him and his victim complex–he truly is the Keyser Söze of everything, isn’t he? What a case of the man completely resonating the role/archetype.

Anyway…I think this is as much as I want to say about Epstein at this point.

Here, listen to these people talk about him:

“Rorschach’s Journal: Tonight, a Pedophile Died in New York…”
Matt Christman

“2019 is so fucked you can’t just be happy a pedophile killed himself”
Gary Duggan

“Epstein killed himself because he watched some episodes of Rick and Morty and his high IQ couldn’t handle the extremely nihilist themes.”
Emperor Lemon

“I was stunned by Epstein’s suicide, though probably not as much as Epstein himself.”
John McAfee

“I told you guys to stop cyberbullying Mr Epstein. I begged you.
Internet Historian

“Dear Mr Kotter:

I am killing myself. Please excuse Epstein’s mother, she had nothing to do with it.

David Burge

“I don’t think Hillary’s behind the Epstein murder because the second attempt worked.”
W. Gladstone

“Hug your billionaire pedophile friends today. Tell them you love them before it’s too late.”
Lucie Steiner

Now, I’ve heard all the criticisms…how can you meme and joke about this horrible shit?

Well, I can’t speak for others but I will tell you why I do it. I’ve known Jeffrey Epstein types (of all levels of power on the great human hierarchy) almost my entire life. As I noted before: most of them escape justice in terms of the courts and such. They spread misery and broken lives wherever they go, and have an unusual amount of people covering up for & defending them.

I hate these sons of bitches. I’m glad Epstein is off the streets. No, I don’t think they pulled a “body switch” like so many theorize (“look at the ear!”) because he’s just too damn inconvenient alive at this point.

But everybody seems to have their “pet” conspiracy theory about this mess, don’t they? Even the conspiracy theory that there is no conspiracy theory.

And yet: nobody feels empowered. We can theorize and tweet all day long, but it doesn’t really make us feel empowered.


Warm fuzzy adorable cat break


Speaking of famous perverts, if you have the inclination, please check out my article on Fantasy Merchant, “The Day I Realized Some Of Robert Crumb’s Comics Were REALLY Racist And Violently Misogynist.”

Robert Crumb is probably one of the most famous, influential and lauded independent comic artists of all time. I had decided to finally sit down and read a good chunk (500 pages+) of his most famous work. I was prepared to write a tribute to him.

Instead, I was faced with instance after instance of depictions of rape, sexual assault, implied pedophilia, and constant racial stereotypes of the most extreme type. (It should go without saying that the imagery in the post is NSFW)

I like a degree of gross-out humor, but this was shit that just made me feel awful. I mean, as a sort of anthropological record or portrait of a person who violently hated women and felt threatened by minorities, I could almost enjoy it…or, at least, “appreciate” it. But this was a guy who was held up as an idol in my peer group for as long as I can remember.

Robert Crumb, saying that if he isn’t given an outlet to draw violence towards women, he might have to rape 12-year-old girls (I’m sure it’s just a joke, it’s obviously hilarious)

This material was/is beloved by a good deal of the “intellectual” types in the comics community–you know, the ones who complain about Rob Liefeld fans and “manbabies” who give the medium a bad name and Comicsgate and shit like that. And yet: a good deal of what I found in Crumb’s oeuvre would be right at home on 8chan.

In the past, I used to be intimidated by some of the “tastemakers” of the comics industry/community who would get really upset with me for discussing stuff like this–casting aspersions on their most sacred cows.

But now I just don’t care what they think, and if they don’t like it they can kindly kiss my ass.

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