“Storm Area 51” Guy Creates “Alienstock” Festival

Hey, remember that “Storm Area 51” event on Facebook, that got over 2 million RSVPs?

Well you will be shocked to find out (shocked, I say!) that its organizer has now created what is described as an alien-themed Woodstock.

Alienstock will theoretically be held September 20-22 in Rachel, Nevada…the closest I suppose they could get to Area 51 without being shot.

Both Alienstock and “Storm Area 51” are the brain-children of Matty Roberts, who apparently got a knock on the door recently from the FBI regarding the latter.

Noted Roberts regarding the controversy:

It’s insane and I just created a joke while I was playing video games…

But now Roberts has a couple mil Facebook contacts, and I suppose Alienstock was the only logical thing to do.

Described as a festival that “celebrates Aliens and the Unknown,” the event supposedly has been contacted by “huge names” in the music biz to perform…

…but either get Tom DeLonge or go home, man!

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