Woman Claims Pennywise Doll “Floated” Into Her Backyard

In what is most certainly not viral marketing for the film IT Chapter Two–coming to a theater *near you* September 4!–a New Jersey woman claims a little stuffed doll of the clown Pennywise “floated” onto her backyard.

And that’s exactly the terminology 42-year-old Renee Jensen used, too…not “dropped” or “thrown.” Or (which would, when you think about it, at least make some thematic sense) “brought over” by a balloon. 🎈

In addition, the creepy doll had “cult-like” lettering on its forehead:

In a panic, Jensen then burned the item:


But seriously, Folks…seriously.

I did do some online research on this particular doll, and it’s apparently a Funko “SuperCute” plush (I’ve linked to the item on Amazon just in case you too would like to terrify your superstitious neighbors):

As you can see, there’s no “cult” lettering in its adorable pale head.

As for Jensen–she did call the police (as well as, possibly, the international media), but they refused to take the doll as evidence and investigate further. So as for now, we must mark this case under “Creepy Clown Sightings” (a fun and seasonal topic, to be sure) and “Unexplained.”

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