The Matrix 4: A Re-Cycle Just In Time For The New Decade

In 1999 a sleeper hit changed the face of not only pop-culture, but fringe culture as well. Poised at the very lip of the new millennium (a.k.a. Y2K, a.k.a. “The Apocalypse”), it seemed to be the epic augur of so much that would shortly unfold…

And now the 4th installment of The Matrix has been greenlit, to begin production in 2020.

Luckily, franchise star Keanu Reeves is Immortal, so there was no need to recast Neo as has been done several times over the last 2 decades for Spider-Man (what, too soon?). Laurence Fishburne and Carrie Anne Moss are also apparently on-board, as is at least one of the two Wachowskis.

But as we explored in the post about the John Wick 3 (which reunited Reeves and Fishburne) and Matrix parallels…there was this sense of inevitability about the whole thing for a while now.

It’s called a re-cycle: a deja-vu, one more drive by the same (yet strangely different) tropes.

Matrix 4, if I had to guess, will more than likely address the phenomenon of the “Red Pill Culture” the franchise unwittingly unleashed. Perhaps Mr. Smith will be QAnon in this sequel. And if Neo=Jesus…maybe he will be crucified by the True Believers of the Crimson Lozenge.

And then of course the question has to be asked: will the same types of people who bitched about the Ghostbusters reboot publicly complain about an “official” Lana Wachowski Matrix movie? Will it “kill their childhoods?”

(fun fact: the original Matrix is now part of people’s childhoods! Feel old yet?)

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