The Current Situation On This Planet.

Well. The president of Brazil is hemming and hawing about receiving aid from France to fight the Amazon wildfires…because deep down, he cops to a “death cult” mentality and actually wants to see it all burn to the ground.

We have to accept that a significant percentage of people currently in power internationally cop to this aforementioned death cult mentality and have a dysfunctional inherent desire to see Nature destroyed. It’s as scary as it sounds, and even realer than that.

Now: why do they want to see Nature destroyed? Why this inherent instinctual desire to trample all over Nature and burn things down and replace it all with inorganic material? Why this inherent desire to go hunt for sport and take Instagram pics of themselves covered in gore as they smile with an animal corpse they’ll never even eat slung over their shoulder?

This death cult currently threatening the ability of the Earth to sustain human life is the natural result of several millennia of hating women and denying the power and dignity of the feminine principle. Sorry if this conclusion offends you, but at some point we need to move past what might be “offensive” and just cut to the meat of the issue.

There is a clear line drawn from the disrespect and rape and assault of women en masse–for at least several thousand years as humans resided in the Aeon Of Osiris–and the continuing subjugation and denial and destruction of nature. This “line” is a massive karmic burden that, having failed to be addressed sufficiently in the microcosm in terms of temporal justice, will be addressed in the macrocosm in terms of Earth changes and etc. This is the bottom line.

People who deny Climate Change are right about one thing: that it is folly to believe that puny humans themselves can do some recycling and carbon emissions regulations and that’s all going to stem the tide of these impending Earth changes. Some of these changes are going to be the result of a tremendous collective psychic trauma, that no paper straw in your margarita is going to make even the slightest dent in.

I’ll remind you now that the man who so-called “created” Earth Day was convicted of horribly murdering his girlfriend. He professed to be “environmentally aware,” but couldn’t respect the life of one female he professed to love—he couldn’t see any connection between “Mother Earth” and the dignity of this woman whose mummified remains I believe he kept hidden in his house so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

This collective deep-seated hatred of women is what is ultimately going to lead to these profound Earth changes. And on top of that you can add the dwindling fertility and birth rates.

Why do you think a number of these ancient “secret societies” ultimately worshipped the Goddess? The Holy Grail=the blood of the womb. The Holy Blessed Virgin was of course just a disguised form of Goddess worship. Why do you think Mary Magdalene was so revered by these groups?

Even Aleister Crowley, one of the biggest misogynists in high magick history, knew enough to have The Book of the Law Goddess-focused. Why is all this?

Because not only do women=Nature…not only can humans not survive without Nature…but the entire Creation principle of the Universe/reality itself hinges on this feminine principle. Any true wise-man or -woman knows this. It is the principle of Alchemy, which can only work with both the female and male principles honored.

But the death-cult currently gripping a good portion of TPTB honestly believes they can perform the “final” subjugation of nature.

Here’s the “kicker,” though: they actually don’t believe that they’ll just go to other planets once Earth can no longer sustain life. You know: Timothy Leary’s old dream of “Starseed,” this 2001: A Space Odyssey fantasy of Starchild.

Instead, the growing belief is that they can “live forever” in a virtual reality that they can completely shape and control.


So anyway…if you truly want to “support” the Environment…if you truly want to “save” this planet…

…start in the “microcosm” by respecting females and the feminine principle.

Or don’t.

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  1. Thank you. This was an awesome post. As Dylan sang: “Let us stop talking falsely now, the hour’s getting late.” It was amazing to read the very same thoughts I’ve had in my head for a while now.

    This Death Cult, as you mentioned, paradoxically extends to the very fear of death itself–because death is an essential part of the Nature they hate. This fear is what drives this neurotic and insane idea of wanting able to live forever through some form of bio-technology, terraforming other planets, “downloading” consciousness into a computer, etc. I would also say it infects a large part of how Christianity (especially Protestant forms) are interpreted: if you have God–who is the source of all things Good and Holy and who is male–then by extension everything else is evil, or at the very least suspect. You in essence have just binaried the entire universe into Black and White–with a just a small portion worthy of being Good and of God, everything else Bad and fit only for control or destruction.

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