Change And Change Agents


“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.”
–Elon Musk

CHANGE: it involves growth, but also destruction. The field must be cleared out before it can be built upon. The abandoned lot must be razed to the ground. Roots must be dug up. The staging-area must become level.

Photo Feb 25, 12 37 20 PM.jpg
what Change might look like

Change Agents are sent out into the world to shake-up & transmute old forms. They are agents of Horus, the Herald of Change.

Part of your mission as a Change Agent is to move past nostalgia. You need to learn to let go. You need to let yourself evolve naturally, mirroring the evolution of the human race.

Photo Feb 25, 12 38 06 PM.jpg

Mommy & Daddy cannot return: there is no comforting primordial childhood state to crawl back under—there is just communing with the One, in a place called Eternity which is right now.

Photo Feb 25, 12 41 16 PM.jpg

Primordial childhood nostalgia does not equal Eternity!

Wake up, Donnie!


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