New Gods And Angels: Metron And Metatron


” I have no link with the Old Gods—or New!! I am something different! Something that was unforeseen!!— On New Genesis—or here!!”
–Metron, “The New Gods” #7

One of the big topics for me, for several years now, has been human evolution.

The fact is, many humans do not want to evolve. And why should they? Would our mammal ancestors have “wanted” to evolve, given the chance to articulate their feelings on the matter?

Some humans do want to evolve, and you know them when you meet them or hear/read what they have to say. They come from every race, creed, nationality, religion, and etc.
The humans who are willing to evolve are often persecuted by those who do not want to evolve. That is the whole Jesus gambit, but we see it also in any number of movie/TV/comic book/video game narratives.

A source for many of the current conflicts is this clash between humans of different evolutionary levels.


Along those lines, one of my favorite comic book characters is Metron, from a group called The New Gods (yes, the same superhero group they’re currently making a movie of). He is hyper-intelligent and observes the world from his “Mobius Chair.” He can surpass time and space and observe all worlds in all eras.

He seems to represent, at least symbolically, this new/future evolved humanoid being. Even among the New Gods, Metron seems particularly aloof and ahead of the curve.




I haven’t read these comics in at least two decades, but the impression I always got from Metron was that he was a bit of a…smug knowitall somewhat out-of-touch with actual Life. And needless to say, a common trope in some of these stories is for Metron to have his ass handed to him.

If the name “Metron” sounds familiar, it’s because there is of course an Archangel named Metatron; I doubt that Jack Kirby, who created Metron, was unaware of this connection.



Metatron’s Cube

Question: if we didn’t have so-called “trashy” pop-culture like comic books over the last century, would such ancient ideas have still made their way to the masses in such an efficient fashion?

Metron’s Cube

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