Shut Up, Donnie!

“Has the whole world gone crazy?! Mark it zero!”

Let it never be said that I did not give Donald J. Trump a “chance,” that I instead displayed a knee-jerk “liberal” reaction to the man and had dismissed him outright from day one.

But I mean: dude. This guy sucks.


Trump always reminded me of an old semi-distant relative who had a bit of a terrible reputation but had given me a piece of candy or a toy train & a pat on the head when I was really, really young; so young that it almost seemed like a dream (my memory of the Conspiracy Theory Opera from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is another of such unsure memories that turned out to be true).

So initially, as horrible as he seemed in the current day, I always sort of remembered him for that one ancient act of rather rote kindness (which, I’ve heard, is also Ellen’s excuse for palling around with GWB).

“what, me worry?”

But of course…my frame of reference concerning Trump was pulled largely from my recollections of him as that life-as-a-reality-show character from the Eighties and early Nineties; sort of the friendly more fleshy Gordon Gekko type. This was before the man’s faculties began to deteriorate to the present day; a condition that is immediately obvious via any comparison of footage between the two eras.

Well, at this juncture I must comment that DJT’s ability to be a terrible president has exceeded anything I could have possibly conceived of (even given my vast encyclopedic knowledge of the potential depths of humanity).


And yet…I cannot help but feel that in some larger scheme of the Universe (or of a realm a bit smaller and more localized), Trump too has been “used.” Because he is indeed such a terrible leader…that it almost all feels like some sort of “passion play” that has been purposely engineered to play out in front of the American people and indeed the World, in order that we all be “primed” for whatever comes next on this verge of resonant year 2020.

But perhaps I ascribe some degree of “conspiracy”–above and beyond whatever we do confirm about Russian meddling–to Donnie’s presidency for the simpler, sanity-preserving reason that to contemplate that the United States system of government–and the majority of our laws and elected officials–were unable to prevent this massive cock-up is scarier than I have the immediate words to express.


At the moment, Donnie (and you can read my mostly tongue-in-cheek esoteric Donnie Darko comparisons with the man here) has just thrown his lawyer and fellow New Yorker Rudy Giuliani under the proverbial bus (or perhaps the bus just slammed into him, like that chick from Final Destination).


And I just want to be very clear about this latest development…it is providing me with high comedic value.



Now, I remember how during the ignominious tenure of George W. Bush as president, he was considered the worst, most stupid man ever to hold the position. In fact, he was pretty much considered Satan incarnate.


But…many of the conspiracy-type peeps who thought GWB was Satan think that Trump is an “okay guy.”

And…many of the progressive-type peeps who think Trump is a piece of shit think that GWB is an “okay guy.”


Now, why all this seeming hypocrisy? Well, I covered this subject in excruciating detail in my post Modern Psychology. But short answer: most humans are driven by primal feelings of loyalty to their perceived “pack.” These primal impulses often override common sense, common decency, and even ultimately their own true self-interest.

I would like to close out this post by suggesting that if you have been enmeshed in this type of primal “pack” mentality, maybe you should fucking stop it and pay attention to what is really going on in the world around you.

And what is really going on is that not only does Trump not give a shit about you—I mean, he basically fucked his buddy Rudy in the ass, why the fuck would he really give a damn about you?—but neither did GWB and neither does Ellen DeGeneres and neither does a good number of peeps in the 1%.

Shut up, Donnie!

Wake up, Donnie!


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