About Me


Valerie D’Orazio is an author and editor who has worked for MTV, DC Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Valiant Comics, Heavy Metal, and BOOM! Studios. She has written comics based on characters such as The Punisher, The X-Men, and Hellraiser. Her 2014 comic book biographies of whistleblower Edward Snowden and “Dark Knight” shooter James Holmes have received international online and TV press from outlets as diverse as TIME, The Guardian, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, USA Today, El Mundo, The Voice of Russia, The Washington Post, and Infowars.

She currently writes the Butterfly Language blog, with a special interest in Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, spirituality, artificial intelligence, futurology, synchronicity, the Joker archetype, and the uncanny intersection between the esoteric and pop-culture.