Beyond: Edward Snowden


Beyond is a series I had thought up with Bluewater Productions (now TidalWave Productions): tackling conspiracy/current events topics in comic book form, but with a bit of an “edge.“

I’d been fascinated with the story about Edward Snowden since it broke, and I really wanted to learn more. There were a bunch of strange “hanging threads” in the story that I addressed in the comic. It was very fun to do what I would have done with a blog post in an actual comic book.

In all, I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out & with artist Dan Lauer’s interpretation of my script. Bluewater worked with me to get the design and the tone of the book just right—which was appreciated. We got massive international press for this book, which was really a surprise.

If you want to purchase it, I have an extremely (extremely) limited amount of print copies of it for sale here: Beyond: Edward Snowden

And you can get it digitally through Bluewater/TidalWave here:

Beyond: Edward Snowden for Kindle

Beyond: Edward Snowden through comiXology