Was Jesus A “Shapeshifter”?

Jesus as portrayed in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Godspell,” and “I, Pet Goat II”

The story of a translated 1,200-year-old Egyptian text that described Jesus as, basically, a “shapeshifter” has been around since 2013. But it’s just crossed paths with me now, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it!

Written by a one St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the Coptic language, it recounts the crucifixion of Jesus…with a few wild twists not seen in the “official” text. The biggest one happens when Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss…apparently, he had to use a kiss because the Messiah was a major shapeshifter with multiple identities:

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The Passion Of The One True Morty


A Morty who chose to walk with Mortys is blessed with eternal joy. A Morty who chose to walk with Ricks is trapped in torment for one thousand years.
–Catechism Of Morty 1:11

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a few minutes discussing the lore of The One True Morty—regarding the character Morty from the cartoon Rick And Morty, and his several “aspects.” It really ties into the Horus/Set archetype stuff I’ve been discussing in terms of Robin/The Joker, and the series itself has been recently touching again upon those tropes. (R&M spoilers ahead)

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A Boy And His Daimon: “Death Note” (2017) Esoteric Theories


The movie Death Note, which was recently released on Netflix, is somewhat based on the popular manga and anime of the same name. There is controversy in fan circles regarding this film, because #1 the main characters are no longer Japanese (true) and #2 that it is not super-faithful to the source material (true: this film is to the manga what Stanley Kubrick’s Shining was to the Stephen King version, at least in terms of a much different tone).

I’m not tackling that controversy here, but I am going to take a look at the film “as-is,” for the purposes of esoteric and synchromystic analysis. Spoilers ahead.

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Observations 9/3/17: Late Nite Thoughts


So here are some thoughts I had as I tried to go to sleep last night; I actually kind of got my phone out and started typing this in bed.

Basically: is there anything “real-world useful” about getting really into conspiracy theories? I mean like: something that will better change the lot of humankind?

Or is it largely mental masturbation? (And I can see one or two of you out there tapping the tip of your nose and nodding in the affirmative).

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Observations, 9/1/17: Clowns, Crows, Jokers, Robins

I try to keep a lot of the strictly entertainment news off this site and onto Fantasy Merchant, but…here’s this rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio is getting “courted” to play the Joker. It’s like the biggest Hollywood story right this second. And it fits perfectly into my “Robins and Jokers” Horus/Set archetype theory.

fanart of Leonardo DiCaprio as the Joker from Comicbook.com/BossLogic

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World Clown Association Issues Statement On “IT”


Won’t anybody think of the clowns?

Professional clowns have allegedly reported a drop in gigs as a result of the upcoming movie IT, as well as the clown-heavy American Horror Story: Cult—and so the World Clown Association has just issued their “stand” regarding “scary clowns.”

The statement reads, in part:

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Robins, Jokers, And Horus-Set


Let’s start this with a look at a post I did last year, “The Sacred Trinity: Triads In Pop-Culture And Mythology.” In that, I said there was a basic archetypal trio or “trinity” that operated in pop-culture, especially comic books: Isis (the Mother), Osiris (the Father) and Horus (the Son). It didn’t matter if these characters were actually related to each other, or what their specific relationships with each other was. If there was a Woman (say, Supergirl) a Man (Superman) and a Child (Superboy): you now had a Trinity!

For the very popular Batman franchise, this was a natural fit: Batgirl or Catwoman was the Isis-figure, Batman was Osiris, and Robin (dressed in his bird costume) made a fitting hawk-Horus. Again, the actual relationships between the characters, and their connection (or lack thereof) to Egyptian mythology was unimportant—simply seeing in visual form this Trinity “activates” primal recognition in the group subconscious.

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