Getting Clear On What The New Aeon Is And Is Not


Sometimes, I get intuitions on things. Sometimes, I don’t wholly agree with the intuitions that I get. But I listen to them anyway. I give them a fighting chance to get through my discernment.

And so one of the powerful sort of intuitions I had last week involved what the “New Age”—the new Aeon—is, and what it isn’t. And I really didn’t “like” it. But it sort of made sense anyway, even from a non-esoteric point of view.

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The Man Who Is Becoming An Elf (A Modern Archetype?)

Luis Padron, from his Instagram

In a world where people spend thousands of dollars to become a “real” Superman, a “Human Ken Doll,” and even a literal Cat-Woman, the story of Argentinian Luis Padron should not seem that unusual anymore. The 24-year-old Padron has spent over $30,000 on various surgeries and procedures intended to make him look like (and some might say, “turn him into”) a pale white-haired elf.

He has had operations on his nose, his jaw, and his eyes, as well as undergoing full body hair removal and skin bleaching. Future procedures Padron has planned include cutting his ears into points and limb-lengthening. He considers himself “trans-species.”

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Star-Lords, Sacred Orbs, And Tree-Christ: Esoteric Themes in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Star-Lord and the Orb

In this post I’m going to examine some of the more esoteric themes surrounding the 2014 movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. Along the way we’re gonna talk about aliens, grails, and Tree-Christ. Spoilers ahead!

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Ghosted: Bill Murray As The Walker Between The Worlds

Bill Murray and friend in “Scrooged”

Have you ever noticed that Bill Murray stars in an awful lot of movies as a person who seems to be caught between the liminal space between the dead and the living?

Ghostbusters is the most obvious example, but there’s also the ghost-packed Scrooged. He dresses like a zombie in Zombieland, cameos as a corpse in an episode of Parks & Recreation, & might also be the metaphorical ghost of the Whitman family patriarch in The Darjeeling LimitedGroundhog Day doesn’t feature ghosts, but it is also about a man caught in this liminal space of reality…a sort of “limbo.”

It’s not the Winter holiday season as I write this, but I’m going to focus on some aspects of Scrooged that not only relate to this concept of the person trapped in a liminal space of reality…but also has a few interesting nuggets relating to our current era.

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“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Trailer Esoteric Analysis


It is a little too on-the-nose to flat out say that the storylines of the new Star Wars movies and spinoffs mirror our contemporary dilemma. “The Dark Side has won, the rebels are on the run” and all that. But there are some interesting parallels between the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer that was just released, some current events, and, more importantly, just the general esoteric energy of the zeitgeist.

Important: this post may reveal spoilers and potential spoilers-to-be for the Star Wars movies!

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