My Work In Upcoming Philip K. Dick Anthology


Just got the cover and initial publishing info for the anthology two of my Philip K. Dick essays appear in, The Matrix Control System Of Philip K. Dick. I’ll post more here as I get an exact link to order from and etc…I’m just floored I get to share a book with the work of Timothy Beckley, Brad Steiger, Nick Redfern and other luminaries of the field…in a book about my favorite fiction author, Philip K. Dick!


Available approximately 2 weeks or sooner – 350+ pages, $24.00  ISBN- 160611977X

Could be our most important book – tackles a fascinating set of “coincidences” that are now being debated by acclaimed physicists


Book Review: Sinister Forces By Peter Levenda


Politics and religion both are born of documents and of blood. And both documents and blood form the primary sources of the following investigation.
—Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces Book One: The Nine”

It took me about two years to finish the three volumes of Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces. Not because they were that long, but because he provides an incredible amount to process. For fans of esoteric, “fringe” history, this book is a must-have; though when you take out the musings on synchronicity and the occult, the series is pretty much straight, sourced history.

Levenda is an author I trust. And if you are going to take the slow-dive down the 100-story secret underground rabbit hole of American history that is being offered with a book like Sinister Forces, you need somebody you can trust. Anything else is Chapel Perilous-ville.

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Amazing Stories: Pulp Sci-Fi Writers And “Alien Transmissions”


Authors claiming to have “channeled” their work from otherworldly entities—either as a whole or in part—is nothing new. I’ve previously covered a whole period of time in the mid-1970s when a number of them seemingly were “contacted” by entities that made no small impact upon their future writing.

In particular, science-fiction icon Philip K. Dick claimed to have a whole relationship with such an entity, who might have subconsciously shaped his previous works and concretely inspired his last. Then there is Morgan Robertson, who famously “predicted” the sinking of the Titanic via a “muse” who gave him the information; and even bestselling “success” author Napoleon Hill claimed later in life to have channeled much of his material.

But it is in the world of the pulp science-fiction of the first half of the 20th century—a world where Dick had his beginnings—where find many more examples of this phenomenon.

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Book Review: The Chaos Protocols


We inherit a system of value that is mostly unaligned to our spiritual or magical values because they come from an economy that is just simply not built for our benefit. As such, any journey toward finding meaning or value in our lives must begin with an understanding of the value system we have inherited.
—Gordon White, “The Chaos Protocols”

I am deep in my second reading of The Chaos Protocols, the 2016 book written by Rune Soup’s Gordon White. It is, quite frankly, the best contemporary book I have found so far to give practical advice and perceptive forecasting on the strange newish world we are quickly finding ourselves immersed in—the world I have given a brief overview in my post “The Road to 2020.”

The Chaos Protocols is a book about finance. It is a book about futurology. It is a “self-help” book of the “career and success” genre. And it is a book about chaos magic.

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Review: The Exegesis Of Philip K. Dick


What best I can do? Exactly what I’ve done. My voice for the voiceless.
—Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

In 2015 I set out to perform a task that in some earlier era I literally could not fathom—reading Philip K. Dick’s almost 900-page Exegesis. While the edition I read was published in 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, it was edited down from a far longer unpublished version spanning about eight thousand pages.

It took a year and three months to do read the book. I didn’t read it all at once, but scattered it in chunks. It was, for the most part, a very dense read, and I took notes with my handy mechanical pencil throughout the entire thing. I don’t even feel ready right now to give a sort of overview or “book report” on the volume, as it was so vast that another “quick read” going through the notes themselves would be necessary to even scratch the surface. (I’ve just started wading my toe into that second read and I spent like an hour on just a few pages, so many correspondences and notations came up.)

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Robert Anton Wilson’s Email To The Universe eBook Now Available


A brand new digital version of philosopher/writer/pope Robert Anton Wilson’s last book, Email To The Universe, is now available.

This is a great volume to get started reading Wilson’s work, as it is made up on a bunch of essays on such intriguing topics as:

The Celtic Roots Of Quantum Theory
Schrödinger’s Other Cat
Joyce & Daoism
Sexual Alchemy
Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective
Cheerful Reflections On Death And Dying

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