Alan Moore To Write Introduction To Robert Anton Wilson’s “Coincidance”


Kind of a cool comic book/RAW intersection…Watchmen scribe Alan Moore is set to write the intro to the new Hilaritas Press edition of Robert Anton Wilson’s Coincidance: A Head Test.

While there is no date set yet on when Coincidance is going to press, the RawIllumination website shared a small preview of Moore’s intro:

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Hunter S. Thompson TV Series “Fear And Loathing” On The Way


There have been three major movies (and a bunch of documentaries) about Hunter S. Thompson’s life, but there is no doubt plenty of more tales about the famous gonzo journalist to tell (and retell). So it was probably a natural that a TV series based on his adventures would be made.

Currently with the title Fear And Loathing, the show will be helmed by Get Shorty’s Davey Holmes for MGM television. Bob Nelson, who scripted the acclaimed Nebraska, is also attached.

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Movie Review: “American Anarchist”


Note: when I originally wrote this review for the site Forces Of Geek earlier this year, I (along with most of the world) did not know that the subject of this documentary, controversial “Anarchist’s Cookbook” author William Powell, was already dead—his passing kept a secret by his family for about six months before the documentary itself was released. The makers of this film had mentioned on social media that this review was one of their favorites, and so I though I’d share it with you directly. “American Anarchist” is currently available for viewing on Netflix.

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Blade Runner And The Last Temptation Of Philip K. Dick


My god, this movie is the greatest defeat…and victory…
–Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

It’s the end of 1981, and science-fiction author Philip K. Dick should, by all rights, be ecstatic. After decades of struggle, he had finally reached a point not only of critical and mass-market recognition of his work—but a major film adaptation was in the works based on his story Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?.

But instead of considering this a great achievement, Dick found it to be his greatest—and, as it would turn out unfortunately, last—spiritual “temptation.”

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DaVinci Code Author Claims God Will Be Replaced By AI-Led “Collective Consciousness”


On a press tour for his new book in the “DaVinci Code” series, Origin, Dan Brown predicted the demise of organized religion and the concept of “God”—to be replaced by a type of “collective consciousness” that will be facilitated by artificial intelligence.

His remarks dovetail nicely with the subject-matter of Origin, in which “symbology” Professor Robert Langdon arrives in Spain to hear an announcement by a billionaire futurist that is supposed to “change the face of science forever.”

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Book Review: “Rule By Secrecy” By Jim Marrs


The question of whether or not the plan for one world government is a sinister conspiracy to subjugate the population or simply an attempt to facilitate a natural evolutionary step is a matter still to be decided, apparently with little or no help from the mass media.
–Jim Marrs, “Rule By Secrecy”

Researcher Jim Marrs passed away earlier this year, leaving behind a catalogue of books on what would be considered “fringe” topics. The best-known of these, outside the 1989 book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (which became the basis of the Oliver Stone movie JFK), is 2001’s Rule By Secrecy.

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