Bruno Borges To Give Away TAC Books For Free After Friend Sues Him


Every once in a while, just as a “pet project,” I check in on the status of the Bruno Borges story. Borges was the Brazilian young man who disappeared last March, leaving behind a temple-like room filled with encrypted books and a life-sized statue of philosopher/occultist Giordano Bruno. In his absence, the first of the books in his series—TAC – Knowledge Absorption Theory —was translated and published as a bestseller.

Borges reappeared in August of 2017, and has had a mixed reaction to the spotlight. In addition to facing some criticism of his book (at least in the mass-media), he apparently now has to contend with one of his friends suing him for a cut of the publishing rights.

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Bruno Borges Room Now Open To Public As Shrine


You know, it’s been a while since we checked in on our old friend Bruno Borges—the 27-year-old Brazilian psychology student who mysteriously disappeared in March, leaving behind a temple-like room with symbols on the walls, a life-sized Giordano Bruno statue, and a set of books written in code.

Well, since finally coming home in August—his parents publishing the first volume of his TAC – Knowledge Absorption Theory in his absence—Borges has not been getting the sort of press he used to get when he was vanished. And so: Borges has announced that he is opening his famous room (in the house he lives in with his parents) to the public. As sort of a…”shrine?”

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Bruno Borges Book Becomes Bestseller


I sometimes feel, when writing about this Bruno Borges story, that it is sort of this “pre-planned” thing where every step along the story is like one more plot-point for this “movie”…he disappears, there is a media frenzy, his family publishes the manuscripts he leaves behind, the books become bestsellers, he becomes an internationally famous metaphysical writer/guru, and then one day he steps out of like this obscure gas station in Cincinnati with a baseball cap and a huge beard like Forrest Gump when he did that “running across the United States” thing and he reveals himself and like doves fly down from the sky at that moment and…

Anyway. That’s how it feels like following this story. I may have embellished a little bit.

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Marketing Bruno Borges


Four months after he mysteriously disappeared from the Brazilian town of Acre, Bruno Borges is set to have one of the most anticipated book launches in the world.

On July 21, TAC – Theory of Absorption of Knowledge will be published by Borges’ family through Infinity Editorial and Marketing. It is the first of a projected 14-book series, decoded from spiral-bound hard copies the missing young man left behind. The art from the cover of the first volume was taken from a painting of a monk found on his wall. Borges even has his own logo now:

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Weird New Twists In Bruno Borges Case

Bruno Borges, just hanging out.

After what has felt like an impasse for almost two months, new twists and turns have emerged in the case of missing Brazilian psychology student Bruno Borges. And while I’m not completely surprised by these developments, I don’t feel they fully “invalidate” the esoteric interests of/theories surrounding this young man either.

Basically…investigators are starting to believe that the disappearance of Borges might have been a calculated “marketing stunt” to sell his books.

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Breaking The Bruno Borges Code


As you may know by now if you have been following the story, Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old psychology student, vanished from his family’s home on March 27—leaving behind a temple-like room with coded words on the walls as well as in 14 books.

Great mystery surrounded these encrypted words, but now the origin of the code can finally be revealed. Is it Enochian? A strange channeled alien language? WHERE IS THIS CODE FROM??!

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Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”


An interesting interview with a doctor and friend of missing Brazilian man Bruno Borges’ family has shed some more light upon the young man’s motives…maybe.

José Medeiros, a physician and founder of eight spiritist centers (I’m half-Brazilian, this is not as unusual as you would think) claimed that Borges approached him last year for guidance on a “project” he was working on. It is unclear if this is the same project that culminated in March with Borges disappearing and leaving behind 14 encrypted books as well as a virtual “temple” in his room flanked by a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno.

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