Observations 9/25/17: Lightning Round

tape-recordingRobert Anton Wilson has said on many occasions that you need a sense of humor if you’re going to burrow down the rabbit hole (I’m paraphrasing, obviously). I’m going to really try that, if not for your sake—at least for mine.

I also have a lot of “odds and ends” stuff that might not quite make it to a post, but that I’d like to touch upon. So let’s see how that goes right here.

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Prince Harry Is Metal


The good people of Twitter want to know: Is this hand sign Prince Harry made during a recent meeting with Melania Trump part of a conspiracy? Was he trying to give a secret “hand signal” to Melania? Is this the first step before the secret English cabal that has been working for over 200 years to get the United States back takes over?

Or was he just trying to say, “Melania sucks!”

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Some Notes, Mostly Not On Pizzagate


It would be remiss of me to run a site like this and never talk about Pizzagate. For those not aware, Pizzagate was this huge conspiracy theory—fueled by a hack on the email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager—that blew up around the same time as the last months of the 2016 U.S. presidential race. It opined, among other things, that a Washington D.C. pizza parlor was some sort of flashpoint for a major occult-tinged pedophilia ring that had tentacles in the Democratic party.

This post will mostly not be on Pizzagate. And yet Pizzagate theory itself—though widely “debunked” and literally driven underground on the Internet—still has some interesting relevances in a number of ways.

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Aaron Hernandez: An All-American Tragedy


It has been recently reported that late pro football player Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE—chronic traumatic encephalopathy. His CTE was so bad that researchers who examined his brain were shocked…the 27-year-old former New England Patriots tight end had the brain trauma of a football player in his sixties.

Why is this important & why am I writing about it? Well, Hernandez had a history of violence and was convicted of killing someone…and earlier this year he committed suicide in prison after writing the word “Illuminati” on the wall of his jail cell with his blood alongside a eye-and-pyramid- symbol.

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Thoughts On That Morgan Freeman Russia Video

Morgan Freeman from the recent “Committee To Investigate Russia” video and a movie poster for the film “Olympus Has Fallen”

Look, I think there was *some* foreign interference in last year’s U.S. election—at least, in terms of online propaganda leading up to it. But I don’t think that precludes me from commenting on that “Committee To Investigate Russia” video that dropped recently starring Morgan Freeman, and how the actor’s cinematic archetypal qualities were very specifically used to “sell” its message.

I have previously discussed the way Freeman is utilized as an icon in my post “The Year Of The Mask: President Two-Face,” especially in terms of the Olympus Has Fallen movie (which specifically deals with an attack on the White House by “Red” North Korea):

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Observations, 9/13/17: “We All Know You’re Gotham’s White Knight”


On my mind today: there has been this trend within “geek circles” which you may or may not be aware of where a bunch of guys basically make their living being “feminist allies” to women and being loud anti-Trumpers/anti-Gamergaters/etc. These individuals—some of whom are famous directors, actors, bloggers, and so on—like to visibly virtue-signal how “woke” they are and call out various “bad guys” on the “alt-right” and whatnot.

And then it turns out that they have their own skeletons in the closet and are the LAST people in the world to be lecturing on sexism and etc.

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Observations, 9/8/17

hurricane-irma-sept-5-2017-cira-rammbThis Hurricane Irma thing has my stomach in knots. I refresh the live Reddit thread on it like every few minutes. I don’t know what you can really do other than call people to make sure they are OK and donate. Stressing out only adds to the stress. Saying you’ll “pray” for something doesn’t seem so fashionable these days anymore.

Yeah, it does seem as if Nature has gone “nuts.” This Associated Press article suggests that social media is making it “seem” worse. And then there is this paragraph from it:

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