Tattooed “Joker” Arrested In Florida


Every time I read of another person arrested dressed/looking like the comic book villain the Joker, I literally stop EVERYTHING I’m doing and blog about it. That’s my schtick. I’m sticking to it. It’s going to make me literally millions one day, I’m sure of it. My mother is so proud.

29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan was arrested on Tuesday evening in Florida for pointing a gun in traffic.

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The New Fatalism, Part Two

chris-cornellI wrote “The New Fatalism” a couple of weeks ago, noting a “spike” in suicide imagery in popular culture (13 Reasons Why, the Kurt Cobain-themed Father John Misty video “Total Entertainment Forever”) as well as a couple of actual suicides that had recently happened.

Then there is the case of 24-year-old Bruno Borges, who made elaborate “preparations” and then simply vanished (just about to the day of the 20th anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate suicides); there is no evidence Borges killed himself, but there is a similar energy in terms of “disappearing.”

And now Chris Cornell is dead.

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Observations, 5/22/17


I’ll try to make these observations succinct, but I do need to get them out there:

a) I feel the stuff with Trump has been decided already, for a whole bunch of reasons I do not have the energy to enumerate at this time. They’ve already decided to get rid of him. I’m on neither “side” in declaring this. I’m just declaring what in my gut is really the case. But this is going to drag on like a bitch, even after he’s gone. I’m exhausted with it. I feel on some level, all this drama benefitted many parties.

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In The Eye Oculus


I’m just about to wind up my little trip to Downtown NYC, but before I do a few notes—

The first night I was here, a colorized episode of I Love Lucy was inexplicably playing on primetime TV, but I was strangely captivated by it; Lucille Ball in a diaphanous pink dress dancing with Van Johnson on CBS. A throwback to another time, but why not? I had a great day, a great dinner, and was getting ready to go to sleep.

But then I realized something. Where I was at that exact moment—it all used to be carnage. Unbelievable destruction and carnage. And now it’s all gone; cleaned up, removed. The only traces left being a few mementoes consciously chosen.

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Observations, 5/10/17

It may be that cycles—and, more specifically, re-cycles—are just the way of the universe. Repeating cycles, sometimes with only slight variations, sometimes with more creative twists. But repeating nonetheless.

Everybody’s (“everybody’s”) saying that with the sudden firing of FBI Director Comey, Trump is now just living out the last years of Nixon’s presidency. A re-cycle. Is this all really true—are we indeed experiencing the Nixon Quantum Hangover? Or do we want it to be true—not even so much because we dislike Trump, but just because we crave the reassuring regularity of it all?

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Observations, 5/4/17

This post could be based on the current Obamacare repeal vote, but it really goes way beyond that and encompasses stuff on both “sides” of the political aisle (I mean, there are Democrats who are in bed with Big Pharma, etc.). I have felt for a long time that a long-term goal for some of the people who run this planet is to encourage the reduction of the population. There are plenty of think-pieces and white-papers and so on by “reputable sources” (going back many decades) arguing for the limitation of population growth.

And the thing is, the basic premise—making sure that there aren’t more humans on the planet than resources—makes sense logically. And perhaps with the new technologies, innovations, and so forth we really can adequately provide for all the people in the world. But I look at the history of the human race—a history often marked by greed, stupidity, short-sightedness, and cruelty—and I question whether these population-reducing goals will be necessarily carried out in an enlightened and transparent manner.

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