Born On This Day: David Bowie


I’ve always felt like a vehicle for something else, but then I’ve never really sorted out what that was. I think everybody, at one time or another, gets that kind of feeling; that they aren’t just here for themselves and more often than not they turn to the Bible and agree that its probably Jesus and God and all of that section of religion. There’s a feeling that we are here for another purpose. And in me its very strong.
–David Bowie

The Man Who Is Becoming An Elf (A Modern Archetype?)

Luis Padron, from his Instagram

In a world where people spend thousands of dollars to become a “real” Superman, a “Human Ken Doll,” and even a literal Cat-Woman, the story of Argentinian Luis Padron should not seem that unusual anymore. The 24-year-old Padron has spent over $30,000 on various surgeries and procedures intended to make him look like (and some might say, “turn him into”) a pale white-haired elf.

He has had operations on his nose, his jaw, and his eyes, as well as undergoing full body hair removal and skin bleaching. Future procedures Padron has planned include cutting his ears into points and limb-lengthening. He considers himself “trans-species.”

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An Esoteric Guide To David Bowie


The passing of David Bowie a year ago—more-or-less in conjunction with the release of his album Blackstar (and associated music videos)—seemed to spark off almost more symbol-sleuthing and esoteric interpretations than the “Paul is Dead” phenomenon.

Of course, Paul McCartney never really died in 1966 (and wasn’t replaced by an uncanny double named Billy Shears), and unfortunately it seems as if Bowie (as well as his birth-date-mate Presley) is indeed deceased—but according to the world of conspiracy theory, anything is possible. Continue reading “An Esoteric Guide To David Bowie”

The Philip K. Dick/David Bowie Connection


They’re the start of a coming race.
Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use
All the strangers came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay.
—David Bowie, “Oh! You Pretty Things”

Pop-music had always been an important theme for Philip K. Dick and his novels, especially later in his life. Linda Ronstadt (with whom he was a bit obsessed and wrote fan letters to) was a favorite of his, her “look” making its way into novels like The Divine Invasion as the musician “Linda Fox.” And the untimely death of John Lennon sets the stage for the somber Transmigration of Timothy Archer. Continue reading “The Philip K. Dick/David Bowie Connection”