Is Modern City Living Sustainable?


This isn’t a touchy-feely sort of question where we all decide to grow our own tomatoes and “save the planet.” Rather, this is a raw, from-the-gut question that I have been wondering for at least 20 years. And I don’t mean simply environmental sustainability, either. I mean sustainable health-wise, psychologically, in the face of a possible disaster/attack, etc.

I have commuted to New York City to work on-and-off for said 20 years using mostly the subway. Let me tell you what it is like to go into Manhattan on the subway day after day, and what you find when you get there.

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Bread, But Apparently No Circuses

animal crackers original.jpg

A couple weeks ago, a package of Barnum’s Animal Crackers caught my eye. What was so special about it?

Basically, all the animals on the box are well on their way to becoming extinct. So pretty much, there might as well have been pictures of dinosaurs on the box

Since then I’ve found out that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is also going extinct.

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Merry Christmas, Please Stop Buying Cheap Clothing That Falls Apart


About ten years ago or so, I discovered an amazing thing. There were like these stores with the most cutting edge, trendy fashions…for super-cheap! Like: leggings for three dollars. A blouse that looks just like the one featured in Vogue for like 14 bucks. Jeans for $20. Etc.

And these stores weren’t even those cheesy ones everybody has in their neighborhood, the ones you might feel embarrassed to walk into. No, these stores were in the middle of the City and were “cool” and had names like H&M and Forever 21.

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