The Man Who Is Becoming An Elf (A Modern Archetype?)


In a world where people spend thousands of dollars to become a “real” Superman, a “Human Ken Doll,” and even a literal Cat-Woman, the story of Argentinian Luis Padron should not seem that unusual anymore. The 24-year-old Padron has spent over $30,000 on various surgeries and procedures intended to make him look like (and some might say, “turn him into”) a pale white-haired elf.

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Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”


An interesting interview with a doctor and friend of missing Brazilian man Bruno Borges’ family has shed some more light upon the young man’s motives…maybe.

José Medeiros, a physician and founder of eight spiritist centers (I’m half-Brazilian, this is not as unusual as you would think) claimed that Borges approached him last year for guidance on a “project” he was working on. It is unclear if this is the same project that culminated in March with Borges disappearing and leaving behind 14 encrypted books as well as a virtual “temple” in his room flanked by a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno.

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The Strange Disappearance Of Bruno Silva Borges

Bruno Silva Borges

On March 27, Bruno Silva Borges, 24, apparently disappeared—leaving his house with only shorts and a t-shirt, and his worried family with no clue what happened to him. But what Bruno left behind him has captivated Brazilian media…and has produced even more questions than answers.

Because his room looked like something akin to an updated version of a high magic temple, with an almost life-sized statue of 16th century philosopher and occultist Giordano Bruno as a centerpiece and a detailed oil painting of Borges with a gray alien.

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The Messed-Up Alien Visitation Scene From Communion


I am the dreamer…you are the dream.
—Whitley Strieber, “Communion”

The person who uploaded the video I’m going to show you entitled it “Christopher Walken Knows How To Party”—and describes the 1989 movie the clip is from, Communion, as being about “a man suffering from alcohol and hallucinogen abuse who undergoes hypnotherapy to try and conquer his addictions and defeat his own inner demons.”

That’s not quite an accurate description of the movie—though of course if you tend to be on the more skeptical end of the belief spectrum, you might feel that it’s a completely accurate description.

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The CIA’s Secret Psychic Studies…For Real!


And so while everything else was going on, the CIA released 13 million pages of declassified documents to the public online—800,000 documents including material on psychic research and UFO sightings.

In other news: the CIA funded many years of research into psychic phenomena. This is included trying to “remote view” enemy bases in places like Iran. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. This actually happened. You can read the actual memos and worksheets. I’m not bullshitting you, these are actual worksheets to test psychic powers.

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Are “Aliens” Actually Just Artificial Intelligence?


I argue, then, that man as a species may be coming to an end, subsumed into a higher level of organizational complexity; and a new species may be evolving out of him. I argue, finally, that the hyper-structure is to some degree actively involved in promoting this, since it is an evolutionary process in which it is involved.
–Philip K. Dick

A common theme I read in many accounts of alleged extraterrestrial visitations is that of a metallic, almost electronic voice. Related to that is the paranoid feeling that what the person is really interacting with is some sort of computer. Author Philip K. Dick went so far as to refer to VALIS, the (extraterrestrial? extra-dimensional?) “entity” he claimed to have interacted with/been possessed by, as an “AI”—artificial intelligence.

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