Can Hackers Turn A Sex Robot Into An Assassin? (Probably) (Seriously)


Folks, we’ve come to the part of the show where we need to face The Big Questions about our Crazy Hi-Fi Space-Age Future: mainly, “Hackers Could Program Sex Robots To Kill.”

The fine folks at The Daily Star explore this perhaps previously unthinkable wrinkle in the burgeoning sex robot fad—the idea that these devices could be conceivably remotely accessed and used as a weapon. Sounds crazy? No more crazy than how other appliances and machines from The Internet Of Things could be similarly hacked.

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Key Self-Driving Car Bill Passes U.S. House Of Representatives


It is my belief that #1, Industry wants self-driving cars, #2, the U.S. Government wants self-driving cars, and #3 America will see self-driving cars become an everyday way of life much sooner than we think.

Case in point, the “Self Drive Act,” which has just passed with a bipartisan unanimous vote today in the U.S. House Of Representatives. The basic gist of the bill—and you can read it here—is to make it as easy as possible for driverless vehicles to be adopted on the roads, keeping state “interference” to a minimum.

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“Nexus Dawn” And The Faustian Bargain


If you do have a chance & are interested in that kind of stuff, do check out the 6-minute “short film” prequel to Blade Runner 2049, “Nexus Dawn.” Outside of it being kinda cool, it does speak to this tension between our need to expand our technology and the danger of unwittingly (for some peeps, probably wittingly) creating a “post-human” society.

Jared Leto plays this ultra-creepy replicant (robot/AI) manufacturer of replicants, Niander Wallace, and he basically offers the Powers That Be a whole bunch of replicants even though they have become illegal.

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Director Paul Schrader On The Future: “There Will Be A Post-Human Species”


Director and screenwriter Paul Schrader, who has worked on such classic movies as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and American Gigolo, recently had a dire prediction concerning humanity’s future. He told The Hollywood Reporter:

I don’t think we as a species will outlive this century. The world is going to be fine. We’re not.

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Freemasonry In The Age Of 3D Printed Buildings

World’s first 3D printed castle

I’m currently reading an old book (from like the beginning of the previous century) on Freemasonry. I just wanted to read about the topic not from the “conspiracy-seeking” perspective of the contemporary era, but by an actual Mason sort of “in the middle of it.”

And one of the central tenets of this book is that the tools and theory of building represents the “universal laws” of humanity. And that these laws and values are eternal, and are fundamentally the same for all cultures and societies since time began.

But immediately, this thought popped up in my head: “what about 3D printed housing?”

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SpaceX Spacesuit Revealed


Elon Musk has just posted the first image of the SpaceX spacesuit. He claims this is a fully-functioning suit & not a prototype for display.

This—or something quite similar to it—is going to be quite a powerful primal image for our collective in the years to come. Similar to what we saw in the 1960s, but probably with a much more immediate, “practical” application.

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