Lee Harvey Oswald Records Are Missing From Those Newly Declassified JFK Files


Remember when I first wrote about how the CIA was declassifying and releasing to the public thousands of files on the JFK assassination? Well guess what? A batch of records relating specifically to Lee Harvey Oswald are now reported missing from those releases.

Volume 5 of the seven-volume file on Oswald held by the CIA’s Office of Security is nowhere to be found; the last record of its existence was from 1978. These files are important because the Office Of Security was the first component of the CIA to start research and records on the suspected presidential assassin. Why is this one file now completely missing???

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The Voynich Manuscript Has Been Decoded! (Not?)

The Voynich Manuscript: cosmic alien document or collection of menstrual cramps remedies? You decide!

No sooner than I decided to sit my butt down to write a post about the possibility that the legendary cryptic Voynich manuscript has been “decoded”new controversy! Now it may not really be decoded. Here is what happens when medieval scholars throw shade against each other online.

Carbon dated to the 15th century and “discovered” in 1912 by Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, the handwritten and illustrated codex featured a lot of weird pictures of “otherworldly” plants and text written in a type of cryptogram. There have been tons of rumors as to the provenance of said Voynich manuscript, including that it was written by Albertus Magnus and/or Roger Bacon, that it possibly was owned at one point by John Dee, that it was somehow created by aliens, and, the most tantalizing theory of all…that it was just a hoax perpetrated by Mr. Voynich himself.

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Observations 9/3/17: Late Nite Thoughts


So here are some thoughts I had as I tried to go to sleep last night; I actually kind of got my phone out and started typing this in bed.

Basically: is there anything “real-world useful” about getting really into conspiracy theories? I mean like: something that will better change the lot of humankind?

Or is it largely mental masturbation? (And I can see one or two of you out there tapping the tip of your nose and nodding in the affirmative).

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“Human” Footprints Found In Crete Vastly Pre-Dates Human Feet


You know it’s a fun legit scientific discovery when the writer of the article (who has just had their conception of reality shook) can mostly bring themselves to only write short, terse sentences about said discovery. Case in point: this news.com.au article on anomalous “human” footprints recently found in Crete (formatting theirs):

They shouldn’t be there.

Testing puts the rock’s age at 5.7 million years.

That’s a time when palaeontologists believe our human ancestors had only apelike feet.

And they lived in Africa.

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Six Degrees Of Frank Olson


You’re all a bunch of thespians!
–Frank Olson

I had no idea what the Netflix miniseries Wormwood was about before I watched the trailer…but as I watched the protagonist talk nervously about LSD and then dive out a window, it all suddenly became very clear. This was about Frank Olson, a bioweapons expert who in 1953 allegedly threw himself out the window of the Statler hotel in New York City.

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Thoughts On The Anniversary Of Marilyn Monroe’s Death


The death of Marilyn Monroe, like the “Paul Is Dead” phenomenon, was one of those things I’ve been obsessed with since childhood. I was introduced to her movies as a kid, but it was always with this caveat that she had died young, supposedly by suicide. So, like other celebrities such as Karen Carpenter and James Dean, Monroe always carried that “morbid” quality about her. I can only imagine what it must have been like to encounter her work and persona when she first made it big—to experience her “fresh,” without that tragic filter of hindsight.

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Book Review: Richard Belzer’s “Dead Wrong”


Note: Today is actor/author Richard Belzer’s birthday, and I thought I’d reprint this review I wrote of his 2012 book Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups. His latest book is Corporate Conspiracies: How Wall Street Took Over Washington.

There are those in positions of power who malign the pursuit of justice by intentionally associating the word “conspiracy” with the delirious hallucinations of unbalanced minds. They’re wrong. The real-world definition of conspiracy is simply; two or more persons agreeing to commit a crime. In short, they are everywhere, a constant component of daily events throughout our history, and are by no means the restless imaginings of an over-attentive audience.
–Richard Belzer, “Dead Wrong”

Richard Belzer, the co-author of the book Dead Wrong (2012, Skyhorse Publishing) is a synchromystic “nexus” in his own right; his conspiracy-theorist role John Munch appearing on more different TV shows than any other character. Outside of his main “beats” on Homicide and Law & Order SVU, Munch has “crossed over” in The X-Files, Arrested Development, The Wire, Luther, and a number of others. These “crossovers” are significant in that they not only have transcended the barriers of individual television programs, but even whole networks.

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