The Possession Of Jim Carrey


Damn, I lost control again. To him.
–Jim Carrey, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”

There is method acting, and then there is flat-out spiritual possession. The new Netflix documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond gives an extensive behind-the scenes look at the making of the 1999 bio-pic Man On The Moon, starring Jim Carrey as the late iconoclastic comedian Andy Kaufman.

By the end of this documentary you may not be able to say with 100% certainty that Carrey was possessed by the spirit of Kaufman during the making of this film. But you will be convinced that something had happened.

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New Trailer Up For Jim Carrey Terence McKenna Movie “True Hallucinations”


And so here we have a brand-new trailer for the Terence McKenna movie True Hallucinations, seemingly starring Jim Carrey and now with a March 2018 release date. If this all seems like deja vu to you, it’s probably because this was the subject of a post from April, “Is Or Is Not Jim Carrey Playing Terence McKenna In Biopic?”

Well, the answer to that post’s title was, according to reps for Jim Carrey at the time, “No.”


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What Is Happening To Jim Carrey?, Part Deux


Actor, comedian and artist Jim Carrey hit the Twitter trends today, for a “woke af” interview he recently made during a fashion show. Has Carrey been “red pilled?” Is he really playing Terence McKenna in that debunked biopic after all…or is he actually McKenna at this point?

He starts the interview like this:

There is no meaning to any of this. I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could find to come to and join, and so here I am…(interrupts interviewer) I mean, you gotta admit, it’s completely meaningless.

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Probably My Favorite Jim Carrey Scene


I write about Jim Carrey quite a bit on this site, and I just stumbled upon recently what was, at the time, considered to be one of his biggest bombs: 1996’s The Cable Guy. Which, especially seen in the context of today’s culture, isn’t such a bad movie and is actually somewhat relevant.

I suppose at the time The Cable Guy was very jarring to critics and Carrey fans, mixing humor with very sudden and tonally-different dark moments; including an ending that is somewhat unexpected, stark, and ideologically-charged (spoilers).

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Is Or Is Not Jim Carrey Playing Terence McKenna In Biopic?

a recent photo of Jim Carrey

See, here was a story that at first seemed so easy to blog about, a real “slam dunk”: Jim Carrey (whom I’ve written a lot about on this site) was allegedly starring in a new biopic about ethnobotanist and philosopher Terence McKenna called True Hallucinations. The McKenna fan site McKennite published a story on it April 6th called, intriguingly, “Jim Carrey Preparing For Psychedelic Role By Staying In Nature And Taking Magic Mushrooms.”

But now the site Gossip Cop claims that Carrey’s rep exclusively talked to them and has denied the actor’s involvement in any such film. Further, the rep denies that Carrey made any of the statements quoted in the McKennite article.

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The Eternal Weirdness Of Jim Carrey’s The Number 23


As an aficionado of the “23 Enigma,” I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never actually seen the 2007 movie The Number 23. I’m not sure why I’ve avoided it, exactly. I mean, it was sort of panned when it was released, and I’ve managed to put the fact that it was directed by Joel Schumacher out of my mind until I finally spun the DVD last night (and thus, couldn’t back out of it).

But I’ve now indeed seen it…and while I can’t say it is an especially great movie, it is certainly chock full of esotericism and general weirdness. I might even classify it as a “cursed” film, though I need a little more follow-up and evidence to officially make that claim. So let’s take a look at The Number 23, released ten years ago on my birthday, February 23.

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