A Look At Those Creepy Spider-Man And Elsa Videos On YouTube


Do you let your child browse on YouTube? Do you think they are just watching those toy videos and Minecraft demos? Well what if I told you that there is an entire underground of unlicensed superhero/Disney-themed live-action and cartoon videos with sometimes quite-sketchy content? And that this bizarro universe of videos were as easy to access as typing “Elsa Spider-Man” in YouTube’s search box?

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Observations, 9/1/17: Clowns, Crows, Jokers, Robins

I try to keep a lot of the strictly entertainment news off this site and onto Fantasy Merchant, but…here’s this rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio is getting “courted” to play the Joker. It’s like the biggest Hollywood story right this second. And it fits perfectly into my “Robins and Jokers” Horus/Set archetype theory.

fanart of Leonardo DiCaprio as the Joker from Comicbook.com/BossLogic

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Robins, Jokers, And Horus-Set


Let’s start this with a look at a post I did last year, “The Sacred Trinity: Triads In Pop-Culture And Mythology.” In that, I said there was a basic archetypal trio or “trinity” that operated in pop-culture, especially comic books: Isis (the Mother), Osiris (the Father) and Horus (the Son). It didn’t matter if these characters were actually related to each other, or what their specific relationships with each other was. If there was a Woman (say, Supergirl) a Man (Superman) and a Child (Superboy): you now had a Trinity!

For the very popular Batman franchise, this was a natural fit: Batgirl or Catwoman was the Isis-figure, Batman was Osiris, and Robin (dressed in his bird costume) made a fitting hawk-Horus. Again, the actual relationships between the characters, and their connection (or lack thereof) to Egyptian mythology was unimportant—simply seeing in visual form this Trinity “activates” primal recognition in the group subconscious.

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Clown Town

Gotham’s new Joker, and the new Pennywise from IT

And so here we have the full trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Very much in the Stranger Things vein—80s retro memories covered in insinuated abuse, demons, and all sorts of nasty shit grown-ups like to cover up. But let’s get real on what really brings in the audience for IT—it’s the damn clown.

He’s hilarious.

It’s no secret that the “Creepy Clown” meme has been playing out in real-life for several years now; grown-ass people dressing like clowns, stalking children, sometimes carrying an axe, and in general being a fucking menace. Then there is the “side-genre” of the Creepy Clowns, which are The Jokers—a bit less common, especially now, but still crops up occasionally.

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Joker And Harley Shot At Swinger’s Party

NOT a photo of the *actual people* involved in the case

Folks, every time you cosplay as the Joker outside of a bonafide comic book convention, you sort of “dance with the devil in the pale moonlight”—do you know what I’m saying? It’s a weird tango.

The latest “Joker incident” recently took place at a swinger’s club in Melbourne, Australia. Cops raided the “Sinners and Saints” party at 3 AM and shot a couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn—allegedly as the pair were having intercourse with each other.

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Tattooed “Joker” Arrested In Florida


Every time I read of another person arrested dressed/looking like the comic book villain the Joker, I literally stop EVERYTHING I’m doing and blog about it. That’s my schtick. I’m sticking to it. It’s going to make me literally millions one day, I’m sure of it. My mother is so proud.

29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan was arrested on Tuesday evening in Florida for pointing a gun in traffic.

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Man Dressed As Joker & Carrying Sword Arrested In Virginia


Just the other day I was wondering if Joker-related crimes had finally dried up—that particular incarnation of the archetype finally fading out in favor of other grinning boogeymen.

But now a 31-year-old man in Winchester, Virginia has been arrested for walking around town dressed as the Joker & carrying a sword. And I have to say, after about eight years of tracking Joker-related incidents, this guy’s mug is the scariest interpretation I’ve ever seen:

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