Tattooed “Joker” Arrested In Florida


Every time I read of another person arrested dressed/looking like the comic book villain the Joker, I literally stop EVERYTHING I’m doing and blog about it. That’s my schtick. I’m sticking to it. It’s going to make me literally millions one day, I’m sure of it. My mother is so proud.

29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan was arrested on Tuesday evening in Florida for pointing a gun in traffic.

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Man Dressed As Joker & Carrying Sword Arrested In Virginia


Just the other day I was wondering if Joker-related crimes had finally dried up—that particular incarnation of the archetype finally fading out in favor of other grinning boogeymen.

But now a 31-year-old man in Winchester, Virginia has been arrested for walking around town dressed as the Joker & carrying a sword. And I have to say, after about eight years of tracking Joker-related incidents, this guy’s mug is the scariest interpretation I’ve ever seen:

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Snoop Dogg Is A “Joker” In Trump-Inspired Music Video


Aggressive clown imagery has been a “thing” for a couple of years now—and if we include Joker imagery, we can roll back the clock on that to at least the late 2000s. So the just-released Snoop Dogg music video for “Lavender,” a remix of a song by BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada, is pretty provocative.

Not only do you have a world almost exclusively populated by clowns—but in one scene, Snoop Dogg aims a gun at a “Donald Trump” clown’s head (it turns out to be a “bang” trick gun—more on that later). The video is now being criticized for the gun scene, but this is not the first video to show such an act—and it’s hardly the most violent.

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Has The Joker Lost His Relevance In A World That Is Already Insane?


You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.
—Charles Manson

To be blunt—the Joker from the new Lego Batman Movie seems to have lost his mojo. In fact he seems sort of…needy.

As an untenured Professor of Jokerology from Dr. Vinny Boombatz University, it is my job to pick up subtle and not-so-subtle fluctuations in the Joker/Trickster archetype. And so I find this new, insecure, somewhat not-scary Joker to be quite interesting.

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The Year Of The Mask: The Joker Journals


To recap: I had been keeping a record of “Joker-inspired” crimes that had cropped up since the death of Heath Ledger in 2008. It was sort of a macabre “hobby” of mine…following how a comic book character may (or may not) have inspired a series of incidents ranging from pranks to mass-murder.

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The Year Of The Mask: The Mask Craze Of 2012



Let’s go back to 2012. It’s the late Summer. I’ve just come back from San Diego Comic-Con, after a week-long assignment for MTV. The Aurora “Batman” theater shooting soon followed, on July 20th, with constant wall-to-wall media coverage. And much more seemed to be about to happen, especially in the realm of Masks.

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