How True Intuition Works


You have a “gut” feeling about something…but it turns out to be wrong! OR: it turns out to be right on the money! How can you tell the difference?

Well, it’s not exactly a science…but in this post, I want to examine exactly how real intuition works. How active intuition feels and functions, and how to tell the difference between it and other so-called “hunches” driven by fear or wishful thinking.

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When I Follow My Heart, Good Things Happen


When I follow my heart, good things happen—almost effortlessly. Doors and amazing opportunities open up for me, often through (and accompanied by) synchronicity.

When I do not follow my heart—but instead try to do what I “should” do or only what is socially expected/acceptable to do—I suffer

Let me give you a concrete example of this from my own history; maybe you can relate, and/or this will illuminate a similar situation in your life.

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We Have To Save Ourselves First


Sounds selfish, right? This idea might go against everything you’ve been taught since you were a little kid. The common wisdom is, think of others before oneself. By giving we are really receiving. By being selfless—by losing Ego—we are really gaining ourselves. And by being so generous of our time and energy and resources, there is the added bonus of being momentarily distracted from things that might be giving us depression or anxiety.

But you have to save yourself first, before you set about trying to save a loved one or a stranger or a country or a planet. This is not selfishness. This is logic.

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Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Now


What has been your passion in life?

When I was in college, literally all I did was write. I had some zines, I published some stuff in this little journal or that. But mostly: I wrote. I wrote simply as an act of existing, being in the Now and creating.

And then what happened was that I left the rarefied bubble of academia, went into corporate life, and spent the next 15-20 years having it hammered in my head that what I did in those 4 golden years of high creativity was naive at best, and had no connection in any way to the reality of the Entertainment Machine.

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It Will Get Finished


You’re working on your personal project—whether it’s research, or a book, or a class, or a piece of art, or what-have-you—but it’s only getting done in stages. You’re doing your best to get it finished in-between your day job, spending time with your family, studying for school, and so on.

Maybe along the way you get sick, or have a bout of depression, or have to take care of a loved one. Maybe along the way you have to put the project temporarily aside while you focus more on that day job. Life happens.

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The Ego Is Not “The Enemy”


I have just finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now and A New Earth over the winter break—and while I got a lot out of these books, there is one point I wanted to touch upon and clarify. And that’s about The Ego.

The Ego is not The Enemy. Treating one’s Ego as something highly extraneous to oneself—and, indeed, as something pretty close to evil—is not the way to go about things. In fact, in my opinion it will only make things worse.

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7 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Might Fail (And Why You Shouldn’t Give Up!)


“It’s a new year,” you might say to yourself…”the perfect time to make a Change.” And it just might be…certainly, there is heavy symbolism attached to the idea of one year ending and another one beginning.

Other other hand…picking January 1 as the date to start serious life-changing resolutions might not be the most effective move you can make. Here are seven reasons why:

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