Aleister Crowley, This Was Your Life


It is necessary, in this world, to be made of harder stuff than one’s environment.
–Aleister Crowley, “Moonchild”

I’ve found that if you do enough research on conspiracy theories or the occult, all roads link back to Crowley. Magician, poet, author, mountain-climber, yoga practitioner, drug-addict, and occasional maniac, Crowley was one of the decisive influences on modern Western occult philosophy and practice. (And it’s pronounced “Croly,” by the way.)

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Fundraiser For Genesis Breyer P-Orridge


Legendary singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and occultist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has leukemia and needs your help. Douglas Rushkoff has set up a Go Fund Me for Genesis:

Having canceled their upcoming tour with PTV3, they are flat broke, three months behind on rent, and undergoing chemo and constant testing. Gen is on oxygen, and unable to do much beyond getting to the hospital. Friends are visiting and contributing what we can, but the expenses keep growing.

We want Gen to be warm and fed through the winter, and focused on hopefuly healing, not finances.  The drugs are experimental, but promising. With continued therapy *and* low stress, Gen does not have to die from this, but could be back performing again sometime next year.

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Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, And The Magick Of Words


The name is the thing itself.
–Robert Anton Wilson

Words can be a very powerful thing. Both William Burroughs and Philip K. Dick believed that language—words—were alive, had viral properties and were (at least some of them) possibly of “alien” origin. But we don’t need to subscribe to such fanciful theories to be convinced of their potentiality and influence…

…we can just visit Twitter on every given day and observe the oft-dramatic proceedings. Glyphs on Twitter: BIG MAGICK. You can weave quite a spell and move thousands, even millions.

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The Magician


The magician dissociates, creates alternate identities for himself with their own names and abilities and personalities. As the magician travels through various levels of his art, his costume changes (red for Mars, white for Venus, myrrh for Saturn) as each stage in the process prompts the appropriate response from him, elicits a new personality with all the subterfuge of scent and sight and touch and taste and hearing, all manipulated according to the rubric, all designed to break the magician down into multiple personalities and rebuild them again like Osiris from his dismembered bone fragments of identity scattered throughout the landscape.
—Peter Levenda

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Musical Interlude: Lena Headey Conjures A Date In Kasabian’s “Ill Ray (The King)”


I think I’ve watched this new video from Kasabian, “Ill Ray (The King)” about 50 times now. Game Of Thrones actress Lena Headey plays a witch—not so much resembling Nancy from The Craft but rather having bad hair, bad shoes, bad glasses, mom jeans, and a banal hoodie—who conjures hunchbacked murderer Richard III as her date.

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Washington D.C. Socialite Brags About “Hexing” Skills In New Memoir

What a witch who is really really really angry at you might look like.

I won’t say exactly what I did—even now I think that would be bad luck for me—but I practiced what I learned and observed. I worked on the hex for several days until I felt that it would have some effect.
–Sally Quinn, Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir

Here’s a really bizarre story about the “spiritual” memoir of a one Sally Quinn…former wife of late great Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and major Washington D.C. hostess. In her book, entitled Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir, Quinn seems to repeatedly “brag” about—or at least, “admit” to—”hexing” people who later die.

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