Messenger Shiva Part 1: The Event Itself

m shiva.jpg

In 2014 a phrase suddenly popped into my head; two words, actually. “Messenger Shiva.” I didn’t know what that meant, exactly, but I put it in my back pocket in case I ever needed a snappy cryptic title for something.

And here we are!

But I’m not sure if what I’m writing here will really be something….bigger. I just want to talk about something that is still a rather “raw” period of my life. A sad period. A weird period. A period from like a few minutes after 9/11 through fall of 2016.

And it starts with the rather odd little synchronicity that I think kind of changed my life…

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The Man Who Lived In 3906

paul amadeus dienach.jpg

Stories of time-traveling folk are always a hoot, aren’t they? One of the most famous is that of John Titor, a poster on message boards from 2000-2001 who claimed to have been an American military time traveller from 2036. But lesser-known is the case of Paul Amadeus Dienach, a German teacher who supposedly (and you’re gonna see why I say “supposedly” in a sec) left behind a diary recounting his visit to the year 3906.

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Who “Owns” Baphomet?


The occult icon Baphomet has had a long, convoluted history (which we will touch upon shortly)—but perhaps the version most recognizable to our modern eyes (goat head, breasts, caduceus, wings, pentagram) was first rendered by magician Eliphas Levi in 1856.

Can Levi’s image be copyrighted? Probably not…but specific renderings, such as the one the Satanic Temple is legally threatening the producers of the new series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina overcould be.

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Why Are We Here?


I was thinking of topics to write about and I figured…why not just start at the Top?

Why Are We Here? 

We are immortal souls who have incarnated in this world within biological vehicles/interfaces for the purpose of having unique experiences. These experiences are had in order for your soul—which is a part of a much larger Soul, which is ultimately the All—to Learn.

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