About Oprah And The Prosperity Doctrine


In response to buzz about a possible 2020 presidential bid by Oprah Winfrey, a recent TIME article seems to think Winfrey and Donald Trump have more in common than not: a belief in the so-called “Prosperity Doctrine.”

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Observations, 1/8/18: The Wrestling Show


Even with my media fast, it is impossible to escape the news regarding the new tell-all book about the president. It’s such a best-seller on Amazon that if you would like your hardcover copy, it will take at least 2-4 weeks until they print up more.

If you read the comments on Amazon regarding the book, a number of people have purchased either print or digital copies of the book without reading it because they feel it is their duty to do so in order to fight Trump and/or defend freedom of the press.

What a great racket for the people who make money off of this book!

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Observations, 12/3/17: Why The World Seems So Messed Up At The Moment


I’ve been asked with increasing regularity what is wrong with the world, and here is what I think it is at the very core:

We have a crisis of evolution.

Since the very dawn of humankind, there has always been one or two people in the Tribe who seem, inexplicably, to possess a different view than the others. An expanded view.

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2017: The Year Of Our Disillusionment


Perhaps it is too early to write such a post and make such assessments, but here goes:

A lot of people have told me that 2017 especially sucked for them. A lot. From all walks of life. Have told me this.

I don’t know if I could say that 2017 uniquely sucked for me, in comparison to other years…but it has been this seemingly never ending catalogue of disillusionments. I have often felt like the Universe is pushing through a whole bunch of lessons super-fast for me to process; to clear things out.

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Observations, 11/24/17: Happy Thanksgiving From Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman spends Thanksgiving realizing she was actually the embodiment of Black Mamba/Beatrix Kiddo all along…the woman meets the role, grows into it, sends an Instagram with a picture of her from Kill Bill basically threatening disgraced movie mogul/alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein. Literally writes regarding Weinstein, that he “doesn’t deserve a bullet.”

In some sort of imagined history of it, Thurman had come to the realization that Kill Bill was not a movie really, but a prediction—a road map, what P.M.H. Atwater would term “future memory.”

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Observations, 11/6/17: Desensitization


And so we have this shooting at a Sutherland Springs church—one of the worst church shootings in American history (also, we now have an active sub-category of mass shootings called “church shootings”). 27 dead. On the same day, and in the same state (Texas), as the Fort Hood shooting of 2009, in which 13 people died.

How long will the vast majority of the American public keep their attention on this tragedy—much less even remember it at all outside of listicles—a few weeks from now?

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Observations, 11/1/17


And so the month ends as it begins—with another act of terrorism against innocent bystanders. Do I dare trace this thread? Beginning at Las Vegas, in the shadow of the great black pyramid of the Luxor, and ending by the footprints of the former Twin Towers.

I did a bit of a “travelogue” of that particular area of downtown Manhattan earlier this year—the same place where yesterday a man purposely ran his truck into a bike path, killing eight people. I had described the “Oculus,” a highly modern and cold white transportation hub that housed a high-end mall.

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