Observations, 12/3/17: Why The World Seems So Messed Up At The Moment


I’ve been asked with increasing regularity what is wrong with the world, and here is what I think it is at the very core:

We have a crisis of evolution.

Since the very dawn of humankind, there has always been one or two people in the Tribe who seem, inexplicably, to possess a different view than the others. An expanded view.

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The Shell And The True Self


There seems to be (at least) two different versions of Self:

The Shell:
There is the shell you develop over time, which is this combination of you as others perceive you, the you that others would prefer you to be, various idealized forms pushed on you by the media/entertainment/advertising complex, and etc.

True Self:
You might not even be fully conscious of your true self. You might “project” that true self onto chosen (and/or idealized) partners until you finally realize who you really are. And you may not realize who you really are for like decades. Some even spend their entire lives without knowing.

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Four Characteristics Of The Evolving Human


Evolution Has Accelerated

My personal belief is that human beings are fast evolving/mutating into Something Else. We’ve been doing this for some time—Robert Anton Wilson refers to it as “The Jumping Jesus” syndrome. But it has sharply accelerated now in the wake of 2012. And for every action is a reaction. So here’s where we get the heavy dose of Crazy—high partisanship, tribalism, fundaMENTALism and fanaticism trying to reassert itself.

Our media—movies, TV, comic books, video games, etc—has been trying to communicate with us for decades regarding this Change in humanity.

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The Limits Of Altruism


I have a habit of picking up various invertebrates that are wandering in the middle of the sidewalk and placing them on safer ground. Snails, caterpillars, even earthworms. I am sorry to say that have not brought myself to be able to try this with slugs yet, because they are too sticky (after a good rainfall in my neighborhood is like a slug massacre).

I pick up these creatures because I cannot bear the thought of a big shoe crushing the bejesus out of them. I feel I am doing these little creatures a big solid, by helping them out like that.

But am I really?

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This Is How God Learns


In the beginning, God was just this huge energy source, pulsing out there in Space…But then he became curious, he wanted to know, he wanted to learn, he wanted to experience; he couldn’t do it on his own. So he exploded out. And when he exploded out—you might call this the Big Bang theory—when he exploded out all the particles went out in all different directions. The particles—little sparks—some of them became universes, some of them became galaxies, and some of them became the human souls.

When you take us back to what we really are, we are just a tiny spark. We are a tiny spark that originated with God. We were sent out, and told to go out and experience and learn–to go learn everything there is to learn, and bring it back. This is how God learns, he wants to learn, he wants all of us to experience. That’s why there is no good and there is no bad…it’s only experiences, it’s only lessons.

–Dolores Cannon

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Time, The Singularity, And You



One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are currently living in the most unique time in the whole of human history; like within the thinnest sliver in comparison to the rest of the history of humankind.

Our current times are so different than the rest of human in history, in fact—in terms of everything from technology to philosophy to social constructs to art—that it’s actually sort of really bizarre. It’s surreal.

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Losing And Regaining Our Connection To Source


Religion used to be a way to manage a lot of the general issues of depression and so on within the populace—with spontaneous recoveries from alcoholism, sudden revelations that give people a new lease on life, etc. But our mainstream society has largely chosen to do away with that and just medicate the population en masse. All the natural shamanic influence that pops up among a certain segment of the population—bringing sacred wisdom to the masses—is stamped out.

The population then suffers from this lack of connection to the sacred, but doesn’t even know that this is why it is suffering. Numbing influences like meds, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, Internet, etc. are used to distract one from ever trying to discover more. Thus, the Self is cut off from the Source. 

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