Max Landis And Post-Conspiracy Culture


I have a friend. Or I guess I should say, I had a friend.
–Max Landis, “A Scar No One Else Can See”

Let me preface this post by saying I like Chronicle and American Ultra screenwriter Max Landis. I do. He’s a talented guy. And with a bit of editing polish, his recent sort of “off the cuff” exegesis on the songs of Carly Rae Jepsen, A Scar No One Else Will See, can make a really cool slim bestselling zeitgeisty volume.

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Review: “Email To The Universe” By Robert Anton Wilson


Some of us have become postmodern whether we like it or not.
–Robert Anton Wilson

Email To The Universe (2017, Hilaritas Press) is writer/philosopher/guerrilla ontologist Robert Anton Wilson’s final published work—a collection of essays concerned, in general, with “the relativity of reality.” The book covers about 45 years of Wilson’s writing career, spanning 1959-2003, and is—outside of The Cosmic Trigger I—the best way to start dipping your toes into Wilson’s work.

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Enlightenment Is A Knife To The Head: A Review Of “Korsakoff Blight”


We all belong to one thing. One thing that everything belongs to. All of us make up everything which makes up Everything, which makes up us, which makes up Everything. And we’re killing it…
–Abby, “Korsakoff Blight”

The title character of Korsakoff Blight opens the novel desperately clutching on to the sort of New Agey mantras that are so ubiquitous in our “self-help” culture: “Doing good would be good and I want to eat the good.” Blight initially seeks a path of self-actualization that absorbs the meat of these mantras whole, and thus receiving an almost instantaneous enlightenment.

But as he crucially realizes at the end of the sequence: “My name is Korsakoff Blight and this is not my story.”

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Book Review: The Secret History Of The World


Nothing happens anywhere in the cosmos except in interaction with the human mind.
–Mark Booth (a.k.a. “Jonathan Black”)

I’ve just read through Mark Booth’s 2010 book The Secret History Of The World for the 3rd time, and I thought I should just dash off a quick review while it’s still fresh.

With the all-seeing eye on the cover and provocative title, The Secret History Of The World does initially seem like one of those fringy Illuminati!!!-type tomes purporting to tell you what They have been trying to hide from the public. And yeah…there are certainly parts like that. But this book is more about the history of religion and philosophical thought throughout recorded history…and in that sense, it’s something that you can get value out of regardless of whether or not you choose to hang out at the edge of the rabbit hole or dive in.

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The First Conspiracy


Today I want to talk to you about the First Conspiracy: the conspiracy behind all other conspiracies. It is essential that you thoroughly understand the First Conspiracy in order to make sense of all the others, and to not let yourself get distracted with a lot of hype and assorted craziness.

The First Conspiracy was to convince human beings that they were no more than the bricks and blocks of this material world, bound by its apparent borders & locked up within the meat of their brains. This includes the denial of an immortal soul, the denial of psychic energy and abilities, and convincing them that they were the only form of intelligence in known existence.

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