Biohackers Are Using Mail-Order CRISPR To Alter DNA


We want to grow as a species and maybe change as a species. Whether that is curing disease or immortality or mutant powers is up to you.
–Josiah Zayner, ODIN website

I suppose it was only a matter of time…enterprising biohackers are now using mail-order CRISPR kits to edit DNA. No need to stumble through the darknet to find the websites that sell these kits, either. The ODIN do-it-yourself CRISPR site is as easily accessible as typing in “mail-order CRISPR kit” into your search browser.

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Scientists Implant Human Brain Matter Into Rats, Creating Ethical Concerns


Like…they are literally creating “Pinky And The Brain”…or at least the “Brain” part!

The medical magazine Stat reports that what are essentially “tiny human brains,” organoids, have been implanted into the brains of the rats—which is now sparking an ethical debate. Literally: could the rats have increased intelligence  (and/or other unforeseen consequences) as the result of the implants?

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Plague Spreads During Dance Of The Dead Ceremony


Well, it’s Halloween once again—and the Black Death is back. How has your 2017 been?

On the African island of Madagascar—which, like the continent of Africa itself, has been hit by a resurgence of the plague—the disease is spreading because people are digging up their deceased relatives to dance with them in an ancient ceremony.

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Scientists Admit That Universe “Shouldn’t Exist” (And Yet It Does)


Well folks, that’s pretty much it; I gotta pack it in. Respected scientists have now informed me that based on their data, the Universe (and everything) just should not exist. It all just doesn’t make any sense!, they’ve wailed. That’s it. Gotta pack it in.

As Christian Smorra, researcher at CERN, commented:

All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist.

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Aaron Hernandez: An All-American Tragedy


It has been recently reported that late pro football player Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE—chronic traumatic encephalopathy. His CTE was so bad that researchers who examined his brain were shocked…the 27-year-old former New England Patriots tight end had the brain trauma of a football player in his sixties.

Why is this important & why am I writing about it? Well, Hernandez had a history of violence and was convicted of killing someone…and earlier this year he committed suicide in prison after writing the word “Illuminati” on the wall of his jail cell with his blood alongside a eye-and-pyramid- symbol.

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Possible “New World” Under Antarctica In Warm Caves


Warm hollowed-out cave systems under Antarctica glaciers could host a variety of life, Australian researchers recently discovered. Analyses of soil samples from caves around the area of Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island, yielded DNA from algae, mosses, and small animals. Most, but not all, of the DNA could be identified—also creating speculation that there might be new (or previously “lost”) species living there.

One of the most mysterious and coldest places on Earth, the icy continent is roughly the size of the United States and Mexico combined, and has a population around 1,000-5,000 (mostly researchers). It has also been the subject of a number of myths and theories concerning “lost worlds”—lore that these recent discoveries tantalizingly revive.

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