a thought

one of the things I really want to do is start “carving up” some of these journals I have and just put the information out there. and these journal entries are sort of like “multimedia” experience type things: photos, quotes, images, intuitions, inspirations, conjectures, and etc.

each day’s entry has a sort of “shape” to it. sometimes it’s just a bunch of research from other sources on a topic, like how “lightning” has a symbolic relationship to the idea of sudden enlightenment. but that might be kind of cool.

but is this really material that would have any meaning to others, or is it just subjective self-reflective navel-gazing shit? and that’s a good question. editing is key, i suppose.

i just have a ton of stuff to get out there, and then i have a ton more that’s in my head that i need to get out there as well. that has been the main thrust in my life for probably the past two years straight, big time.


finally got an updated profile photo. the other was right before I was going to appear on some TV thing at the last minute and was going to literally crap my pants.

Site Business


Just a few odds and ends…

First, I have a review of Marvel’s Secret Empire #1 up at my other site, Fantasy Merchant. It’s basically a comic where Captain America is revealed to have been a Hydra (a.k.a. “Nazi”) agent all along, and Hydra (a.k.a. “the Nazis”) takes over everything. I could have went really esoteric with this—and maybe at some point I will—but there’s still some interesting political bits so if you want to check out the review, please do.

Second, I’ve created an “archive” site just to place (“dump,” really) old posts from other sites I used to have that are no longer live. Called Chrysalis Annex, it might also end up holding other writing as just a quick way to archive. It’s being updated as separate pages rather than blog posts, so I’m not sure if it’s going to show up on a feed or not. It’s all just going to be one long homepage with links. I have 100s of posts to archive & then if I ever do archive other writings it’s going to be a pretty big archive. But you know, its cheaper than Dropbox, right?

And that’s it. I have an ambitious slate of topics to write about in the coming week, but we’ll see how that goes. Stay weird, people.



The success of Butterfly Language has encouraged me to launch another site. I’ve tried this before, but just didn’t get my “mission statement” and look for it just right!

Fantasy Merchant is also about pop-culture, but is just about the “polar opposite” of Butterfly Language—it’s strictly about entertainment, escapism, etc. All the esoteric aspects of pop-culture that I might write? That all stays here!

Part of the reason I’m launching Fantasy Merchant is to have a more “mainstream” site to develop, with the eventual hope that it will eventually give me enough foundation & resources to keep doing the writing and research on Butterfly Language. It also gives me a different place to put more non-esoteric posts that would have otherwise ended up here.

So if you want to read a pop-culture entertainment site, I hope you will check Fantasy Merchant out. And if not—I still have plenty of articles going up on this site!

I Buried My Heart At Jurassic Park


I’ll put it to you straight: I just got laid off Tuesday in a company-wide thing, and I’m as distracted as hell. Hoping to get back to the regular rhythm of the blog shortly—and really, what else do I have to do right now?

But let me tell you about how much I love Ian Malcolm.

First of all, Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park is my fucking hero. It’s a tribute to Spielberg that he didn’t just kill off “The Cynic” or make him have some sudden revelation at the end that the world was all unicorns and rainbows.

In Malcolm I recognize a kindred spirit. His attitude and philosophy really mirrors my own. People ask me what I think of politics, entertainment, technology, the future of our species, and I’m like: “Chaos theory chaos theory chaos theory: this is my prediction. You can’t hold back nature.”

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