New Tumblr: Go Ask Valis

I’ve restarted an old Tumblr that I used like 7 years ago. I got a random email about it, remembered it, cleaned it up. There will be some original content on there that I just couldn’t fit in here: photos, quotes, videos, etc. Maybe a *little* bit of new writing. But it’s also going to be used to recycle some of the content here and just build an increased readership. That said, if that is your bag—or if you just want to see what the hell I was thinking about seven, eight years ago—feel free to visit it. Thanks!!!

Go Ask Valis


I’ve decided to take a break for probably a week or so. I think some of it is the natural rhythm of things; needing to recharge in order to really put out quality new material, to refocus on what topics are important to me now, and so on. I also just enjoy making my little digital collages; I’ve decided to learn Photoshop, so that should up my game a little bit more in that regard.

And so I will leave you with this latest piece I’ve done, “Twin Fnords”:


“Before I was a Discordian, I took life much too seriously. When you take life too seriously you start to wonder what the point of it all is. When you wonder what the point is in life, you fall into a trap of thinking there is one. When you think there is a point, you finally realize there is no point. And what point is there in living like that? Nowadays I skip the search for a point and find, instead, the punch lines.”
–Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, “Principia Discordia”


Just a quick note—a thank you to the person who just donated! I don’t know if they want that to be public or not, so I’m just using this post right now to thank that person.

It doesn’t just assist me with the operating and time costs here, but gives me feedback that I’m “doing the right thing,” so to speak. I really want to write more topical/current events pieces, more in-depth research articles—so every bit helps. (donation button is on the sidebar, but may be different on mobile—here is a link that should work definitely try the button on the sidebar).

And so: thanks! We’ll all figure out this crazy world together.


Well…we literally doubled the hits from last month. It’s nuts.

Thank you to everybody who reads & links. My goal has always been to get people to make their own researches and inquiries…whether you agree with me, not agree with me, or somewhere in the middle…that it would be a starting point or a point on the continuum to propel forth that quest for knowledge.

And that’s really it. Thanks.

Site Updates

Hello everyone, just some odds and ends here about the site and its direction:

First, after much consideration I’m going to discontinue the weekly tarot readings as they were currently being done, as I didn’t feel they had enough specificity to really be of proper use. In the future I may read the cards for a specific question, but the general “energy” readings just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

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