Just a quick note—a thank you to the person who just donated! I don’t know if they want that to be public or not, so I’m just using this post right now to thank that person.

It doesn’t just assist me with the operating and time costs here, but gives me feedback that I’m “doing the right thing,” so to speak. I really want to write more topical/current events pieces, more in-depth research articles—so every bit helps. (donation button is on the sidebar, but may be different on mobile—here is a link that should work definitely try the button on the sidebar).

And so: thanks! We’ll all figure out this crazy world together.


Well…we literally doubled the hits from last month. It’s nuts.

Thank you to everybody who reads & links. My goal has always been to get people to make their own researches and inquiries…whether you agree with me, not agree with me, or somewhere in the middle…that it would be a starting point or a point on the continuum to propel forth that quest for knowledge.

And that’s really it. Thanks.

Site Updates

Hello everyone, just some odds and ends here about the site and its direction:

First, after much consideration I’m going to discontinue the weekly tarot readings as they were currently being done, as I didn’t feel they had enough specificity to really be of proper use. In the future I may read the cards for a specific question, but the general “energy” readings just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

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I just posted a piece on the new Death Wish trailer on Fantasy Merchant:
“Unbreakable, Death Wish, And The Man In The Hoodie”

It’s about the striking similarities between Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and Death Wish (at least visually), and goes into the “loner vigilante” hero archetype.

I’m going to put more movie/TV/comic-related posts on Fantasy Merchant rather than here unless they have a really solid connection to esoteric topics.

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Butterfly Language One-Year Anniversary

Yup, one year ago I posted my first article on what would be the current version of this site you see here. Since then, I’ve published over 450 posts & whatnot.

The most-visited topics have been Bruno Borges, Jim Carrey, Elisa Lam, Philip K. Dick, David Bowie, “Paul Is Dead”, the “Sign Of The Horns”, James Dean/Vampira, “Crisis On Infinite Realities”, Reptilians, and Chris Cornell.

Anyway, thank you to everybody who reads the site—I’ll try to bring you some cool stuff over the next year!


a thought

one of the things I really want to do is start “carving up” some of these journals I have and just put the information out there. and these journal entries are sort of like “multimedia” experience type things: photos, quotes, images, intuitions, inspirations, conjectures, and etc.

each day’s entry has a sort of “shape” to it. sometimes it’s just a bunch of research from other sources on a topic, like how “lightning” has a symbolic relationship to the idea of sudden enlightenment. but that might be kind of cool.

but is this really material that would have any meaning to others, or is it just subjective self-reflective navel-gazing shit? and that’s a good question. editing is key, i suppose.

i just have a ton of stuff to get out there, and then i have a ton more that’s in my head that i need to get out there as well. that has been the main thrust in my life for probably the past two years straight, big time.