Alien Life Likely Found On The International Space Station

Possibly inaccurate artist’s interpretation of how it all went down.

Before we start, a reminder of two things:

  1. The “big” discovery of life from other worlds might end up being literally very, very small.
  2. So-called “simple” organisms like viruses, parasites and bacteria might be far more complex than we can even imagine.

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Budweiser To Brew Beer On Mars Because Those Colonists Are Going To Need A Drink


Those fine folks at Anheuser-Busch are no dummies—they know that space miners and colonists are going to need to pass the time and while away the hours of existential dread somehow. That’s why they are making good on their promise earlier this year to be the first company to brew beer on Mars.

Budweiser recently announced that they are moving ahead with the first stage of that plan: giving barley seeds to the International Space Station to experiment with developing beer ingredients in outer space.

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Asgardia, The First “Space Nation,” Has Launched (Uh, Sort Of)


Last year I told you about the very Thor-sounding Asgardia—the proposed first “space nation” spearheaded by Russian businessman Igor Ashurbeyli. Well, it finally launched this past Saturday. Kinda. Sort of.

What actually launched was a Wonder Bread-sized “cubesat” (file server/satellite) named Asgardia-1—containing, among other things, Asgardia’s constitution, flag, database of its over 100,000 citizens, and citizen personal files (18,000 in all). Which is very interesting to me, because I believe in the future there will be an increasing trend in people shooting their most precious data into space.

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A Runaway Chinese Space Station Is Crashing Into The Earth In A Few Months


I recently found an obscure post in my Butterfly Language archives from last year, about this out-of-commission Chinese space station that was supposed to fall to Earth in…2017, was it?

Curious, I looked up the current status of the Tiangong-1 space station, and, well

It is definitely plummeting to Earth in a few months.

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“Shapeshifting” Bacteria Found On International Space Station


Ha ha ha, no no no: obviously, we’re not talking about something on the level of Lovecraftian horror as John Carpenter’s The Thing. (Yet?)

But what we have is bacteria on the International Space Station that have reacted to antibiotics by “clever shape-shifting” as to survive the attack. The discovery was made during recent experiments to see the impact of zero-gravity on said bacteria, and the results are not hopeful in terms of trying to treat infections and whatnot in space.

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“Nexus Dawn” And The Faustian Bargain


If you do have a chance & are interested in that kind of stuff, do check out the 6-minute “short film” prequel to Blade Runner 2049, “Nexus Dawn.” Outside of it being kinda cool, it does speak to this tension between our need to expand our technology and the danger of unwittingly (for some peeps, probably wittingly) creating a “post-human” society.

Jared Leto plays this ultra-creepy replicant (robot/AI) manufacturer of replicants, Niander Wallace, and he basically offers the Powers That Be a whole bunch of replicants even though they have become illegal.

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SpaceX Spacesuit Revealed


Elon Musk has just posted the first image of the SpaceX spacesuit. He claims this is a fully-functioning suit & not a prototype for display.

This—or something quite similar to it—is going to be quite a powerful primal image for our collective in the years to come. Similar to what we saw in the 1960s, but probably with a much more immediate, “practical” application.

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