This Is How God Learns


In the beginning, God was just this huge energy source, pulsing out there in Space…But then he became curious, he wanted to know, he wanted to learn, he wanted to experience; he couldn’t do it on his own. So he exploded out. And when he exploded out—you might call this the Big Bang theory—when he exploded out all the particles went out in all different directions. The particles—little sparks—some of them became universes, some of them became galaxies, and some of them became the human souls.

When you take us back to what we really are, we are just a tiny spark. We are a tiny spark that originated with God. We were sent out, and told to go out and experience and learn–to go learn everything there is to learn, and bring it back. This is how God learns, he wants to learn, he wants all of us to experience. That’s why there is no good and there is no bad…it’s only experiences, it’s only lessons.

–Dolores Cannon

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Touched By An Egregore: Kevin (Probably) Saves The World


I wanted to drop a few words on the new ABC show Kevin (Probably) Saves The World, which had some surprisingly strong spiritual/Gnostic type elements. I had no idea what to expect about this show—much less knew what it was about—but I liked Jason Ritter’s work on Gravity Falls, so I gave it a chance.

The title character, recovering from a suicide attempt, has come to live with his widowed twin sister and his niece. Having also lost his job and his girlfriend, he’s self-centered, aimless, and emotionally distant from his family. (spoilers ahead)

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What I Think


I think there is a very great need for society to find out the root causes of sexual harassment & predatory behavior, and develop possible effective treatment & rehabilitation strategies for the people who commit these acts.

But “right now” is not the time to focus on this. Now is the time to ensure that our workplaces (and the world in general) are safe environments for everyone, and that injustices are addressed. There is a tremendous amount of trauma that has been inflicted; this is a triage situation.

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The Gnosticism Of “The Good Place”


I’ll admit—after I watched the first couple of episodes of NBC’s The Good Place, I thought they were *OK* but felt no big commitment to keep following the series. Then I encountered recommendations to see the last episode of the 1st season—the unexpected ending of which, I was informed, CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Spoilers ahead—though if you really want to get the full bowel-loosening impact of that last episode, watch the first couple of episodes and then watch the finale and then read this article.

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Man Dies From Running Into Burning Man Effigy

Burning Man effigy from 2014 (source: Wikipedia)

A 41-year-old has perished from injuries after running into a 40-foot flaming wooden effigy at Burning Man (graphic pic at the link). Aaron Joel Mitchell died Sunday morning at the UC Davis hospital burn center, after being transported from the Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Mitchell apparently ran directly into the effigy, catching on fire. Doctors said he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, but are awaiting toxicology results. Keeping people away from jumping into the flames of the burning “Man” is an ongoing issue for this festival, though this seems to be one of the worst “accidents” regarding it—and perhaps the only fatality.

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Did Society Fail The “Indigo Kids?”


I may be completely off-base and wrongheaded about this theory—so let’s just call it “wildly speculative.”

I was listening to the late Delores Cannon speak about different waves of “helping souls” that have chosen to incarnate upon this planet in order to assist humanity. And the Third Wave—which, coincidentally, is also the name of an uncanny futurist book by Alvin Toffler—are these type of ultra-smart, ultra-enlightened “miracle kids.” You know: basically, what has also be referred-to in general New Age circles as “indigo children.”

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