Narratives: “Great American Eclipse” And “Death Of A F**king Salesman”


A scathing National Review article about Donald Trump dropped today called “Death Of A F**king Salesman,” and was quite the cause célèbre, all over social media. Right before that I finished reading a lengthy article/whitepaper written by astrologer Wade Caves called “Great American Eclipse,” examining how the upcoming August 21 total solar eclipse might impact Trump personally. “Great American Eclipse” was recently featured in a Newsweek article and was apparently so popular that the site the PDF was hosted on crashed.

There is an underlying narrative between “Death Of A F**king Salesman” and “Great American Eclipse.”

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The New Fatalism, Part 3


You know, if a week ago you had told me that the Chris Cornell saga would have “ended” a couple of months later with the lead singer for another of my favorite bands committing suicide—a friend of Cornell, killing himself in the same manner as Cornell, and on Cornell’s birthday yet—I couldn’t even come up with that as fiction. I couldn’t even write a story like that, because it would seem too on-the-nose and not something that would actually happen in reality.

I wrote my first “New Fatalism” post before Chris Cornell died, and in it I discussed the weird energy I was picking up in the pop-culture zeitgeist regarding the topic of suicide.

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On Sale Now: The Matrix Control System of Philip K. Dick

matrix-control-system-of-philip-k-dickWell folks, I just received my copy of The Matrix Control System Of Philip K. Dick And The Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley, and it looks gorgeous! If you are a Philip K. Dick fan and are looking for some rarer insights and info on the man—especially in regards to esotericism—this is the book to buy. (don’t let the photo fool you—the book is HUGE!)

I have two articles in there which are edited versions of PKD posts here—it’s the first time I’ve ever put this type of work in print (outside of my comic book series Beyond). And to have it alongside people like Beckley, Brad Steiger, Nick Redfern…I mean, I know I’ve written this here already, but: wow. Very cool.

I’ll do a longer write-up of this book at some point, but if you are interested in purchasing it you can do so at Amazon—either in digital or print—at this link!

Anatomy Of A Coincidence, Part 2: The Wallet


In the original “Anatomy of a Coincidence,” I recounted an incident a few years ago where I seemingly had “foreknowledge,” through a dream, of an event in the near-future. In the follow-up, I examine an occurrence that happened only yesterday, involving a lost wallet that I both dreamt of and then happened in reality—only within the span of a day.

But considering vital aspects of the dream and the reality were different—was this really anything more than some sort of coincidence? If it wasn’t coincidence, then what was the message?

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The Dark Tower And The Dark World

The Gunslinger and Heimdall

I had the synchronistic experience of seeing the 2013 film Thor: The Dark World quite by accident right before seeing the The Dark Tower trailer. Both very visually similar movies, with similar titles, similar plots, similar symbolism, and the same actor (Idris Elba) in both of them.

I’m going to speak briefly to these similarities, and how both resonate with other topics I’ve been reading/thinking about recently.

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13 Reasons Why: Esoteric Theories And Strange Coincidences


I’ve just finished watching Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why—it’s a show geared towards teens, but I guess I had my Steve Buscemi “hello, fellow kids” meme on at the time. 13 Reasons is apparently the biggest pop-culture thing for teens since Twilight, so…

I noticed a ton of interesting resonances, synchronicities, and so on with this series, so I’m just going to sort of ramble and get right to it! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

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The Nixon Quantum Hangover


I’ve been reading a lot about Richard Nixon lately, and the period of time from 1968-1974. Those years had some really weird, dark energy; dark energy that the late Robin Williams summed up as “The Manson Nixon Line.” Author Peter Levenda in his 3-volume work Sinister Forces sees the two seemingly diametrically opposed public figures, Nixon and Charles Manson, as essentially being opposite sides of the same coin:

On the plane of the real world as understood by the media and the public at large, Manson was an insignificant crook compared to Nixon, the President of the United States, undeserving of the President’s attention or comment; but on another plane, Manson and Nixon were warring black magicians, fighting over airtime and the fifteen-second sound bite.

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