Tarot Reading Special: Predictions, Compulsions, and Propaganda


First things first, a disclaimer: I love doing tarot readings. They’re fun, I do get important insights out of them sometimes, and if they help others organize their lives, GREAT.

I watch a lot of tarot readers on YouTube who do readings based on zodiac signs. There are a few of them who take into account various astrological happenings in the reading, but most don’t—they go, “this reading is for Pisces,” and that’s it. In a realm where even getting a general reading solely based on one’s sign (not birth info) is pretty damn general, getting a tarot reading based on the sign alone is probably even more so.

And yet, I keep going back.

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Tarot Forecast: Week Of June 19, 2017


Welcome to another installment of this little experiment!

This time I thought it might be a little neat to read from more of a “specialty” deck—The Psychic Tarot For The Heart by John Holland.

I know there are a lot of specialty decks such as this out there now (if tarot readers on YouTube are any gauge), and your mileage may vary as to whether these cards stray too much from the “traditional” tarot. In the case of the Psychic Tarot, I kind of like it because it frankly has really pretty art but doesn’t sacrifice symbolism or meaning.

Did I mention it has really pretty pictures?

So here goes:

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