Virtual Reality System Simulates Death


You could say that death is the final frontier…but of course with our rapidly-advancing technology there’s probably “an app for that.”

What we have with the Outrospectre virtual reality system is a method of simulating death—or, rather, complete dissociation from the body—using a VR setup and a robotic head. Its creator, Dutch designer Frank Kolkman, believes this device will help the terminally ill be less afraid of dying.

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AI Programmed To Think Like Zodiac Killer Writes Creepy-Ass Poetry


It isn’t bad enough that we’re being warned of the potential dangers of sentient AI…now developers are purposely programming artificial intelligence to think like serial killers!

A University of Southern California professor has created AI software to mimic the thought patterns of the infamous Zodiac Killer, hoping to break the serial killer’s Z340 code and possibly solve the decades-old case. And one of the most disturbing aspects of the act of feeding Zodiac’s writings to the super-computer is…

The AI is writing creepy-ass stalkery Zodiac poetry.

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Ultron Two-Point-Oh


So the other day I had a troll visit my Facebook…or rather, some sort of “bot.” It was nothing really directed towards me, but rather some short, asinine, vaguely ideologically-driven, near word-salad commentary left on a major news story I posted.

And I would imagine they fish for the trending keywords and then deposit this near word-salad on a bunch of random accounts, for whatever purpose; to spam-promote a pyramid scheme, to assist in the continuing takeover of our country by foreign powers, or perhaps simply to make friends and influence people.

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Time Is A Flat Circle: The Elon Musk Edition

A mock Rolling Stone cover from “Iron Man” (2008); the latest Rolling Stone featuring Elon Musk (2017)

Once again, we have pop-culture science-fiction presaging “science fact”.

I haven’t read the Elon Musk article yet—“The Architect Of Tomorrow”—but just wanted to underline a point I’ve made here numerous times—2018-2019 are extremely important “bridge years” in terms of technology. The 2020s—even just the front end of them—are going to look vastly different than what we are used to now. And most people are so distracted nowadays that they’re not keeping up with what’s going to be ahead.

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Sean Parker: Wealth Disparity + Tech Innovations Will Create “Class of Immortal Overlords”

Welcome to your Facebook utopia

Because I’m a billionaire, I’m going to have access to better health care so…I’m going to be like 160 and I’m going to be part of this, like, class of immortal overlords. [Laughter]
—Sean Parker

You know, when somebody as “insidery” as Sean Parker—who was the 1st president of Facebook—predicts that the world will be run in the future by a “class of immortal overlords,” you should really pay attention.

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Robot Babies, Cyborg Taylor Swift And The Post-Sexual World

Taylor Swift in the “…Ready For It?” video

As I’ve outlined in my post “15 Predictions For The Future,” I believe we (or at least a good amount of us) are headed for a “post-sexual” world. Conception and even growth within the womb will be able to be achieved—with all the requisite genetic modding of course—involving only the minimum of actual human physicality or contact.

This will not be the end of “eroticism” per se…but such impulses will be increasingly be sated via the use of robots, VR programs, or, more likely (and inexpensive), direct neural connections that can provide unending orgasms at the touch of a button.

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The Effect Of Smartphones On Dream Quality And Recall


Here’s a personal observation I’ve made over numerous occasions…but I didn’t even want to believe the conclusion. And that is: sleeping either listening to my iPhone (you know, to meditative music or a podcast) or having my iPhone even near me (by the pillow/on the bed) greatly messes up my dream quality and recall. I mean: messes them up to the point where it almost “bleaches” them out completely.

The first time I noticed this was after I temporarily “banished” my phone from the bedroom after reading an article about its possible impact on the pineal gland. To replace the uses of the phone for my sleeping needs, I bought a little battery-powered wooden alarm clock and an inexpensive Conair sound machine (for white noise). Not only did I sleep better, but my dreams were far more vivid & I remembered more of them when I awoke.

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