Sometimes, The Batman Chooses You


So it wasn’t all for nothing…
—The Gray Ghost, “Batman: The Animated Series”

There is a trope in some modern Batman comics (such as Darwyn Cooke’s Batman: Ego and the Legends Of The Dark Knight “Shaman” storyline) in which a type of eternal/universal “Batman” archetype/thoughtform exists outside of Batman himself. A “primal” Batman. An “idea” of a Batman. An “ur-Batman.”

It is my belief that these archetypal entities such as “ur-Batman” sort of…”choose” who will represent them. I don’t think they always get “rights of first refusal,” certainly (I mean…just the entire Batman and Robin movie fiasco)…but they do seem to have a “say” where it matters the most; where it is most crucial.

And I believe that this is what happened to actor Adam West, who passed away recently at the ripe old age of 88.

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It Is Happening Again: The New Twin Peaks As Ritual


Should Twin Peaks, the cult TV show that ran in the early 1990s, really have been brought back 25 years later? And if the answer is yes, was the reason to finally solve some sort of mystery or crime, to come to some sort of Ultimate Answer…or was it simply the ritual of doing it all again, of evoking all these icons and symbols, the callbacks, the “stunt casting” chock full of meta-textual meaning.

And by calling it a “ritual,” I mean no sort of negative commentary in regards to the quality of this new Showtime version (continuation) of the series. But as our pop-culture becomes more and more about such “callbacks”—sequels, reboots, revivals, even CGI-generated avatars of deceased actors—it has to be noted that these “re-enactments” have a sort of magickal (and yes I’m going to use the version with the “k” at the end of it, fuck it) power to it.

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The Inevitable Bruno Borges/”13 Reasons Why” Crossover Video


It was only inevitable that the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why would collide with the Brazilian phenomenon that is the disappearance of Bruno Borges.

If nothing else, this new YouTube parody, “13 Reasons Acre” (Borges lived in Acre), is evidence of how much this particular news story blew up in Brazil. I also get a lot of visitors outside the U.S. in general who seek these posts on Borges out—but perhaps things are currently too weird in the United States for many people to take notice here.

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The Simpsons Code


The story I’m about to tell you is not true; but it oddly has some resonances of truth within it. In the process, we are going to explore how the long-running animated TV series The Simpsons might have tapped into some sort of “intelligence” beyond the ken of mortal understanding.


Supposedly there is an early “missing” episode of the show, from Season 1. The episode was made, but then Simpsons writer/creator Matt Groening suddenly wanted it pulled before it saw broadcast. This episode was unique, in that it featured the death of one of the show’s main characters—Bart Simpson.

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The New Fatalism

Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain

Last week I wrote about the controversial TV show 13 Reasons Why, and addressed charges that it possibly “encourages” young people to commit suicide; that taking one’s life is somehow made “glamorous” on the program. And I really cautioned against going on a witch-hunt against one aspect of contemporary pop-culture like that, to attribute this whole “cause and effect” thing.

But you know now, to be quite honest, I’m starting to pick up a weird energy in the air. It’s not just 13 Reasons Why. It’s the bizarre new details about the Aaron Hernandez suicide, the recent suicide of Miracle star Michael Mantenuto, and even this new Father John Misty music video featuring a crucified Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain. And so I feel I need to briefly speak to this.

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Video: “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks”


This fan video is edited to a passage from the audiobook version of Mark Frost’s 2016 book The Secret History of Twin Peaks. A massive massive spoiler to the entire Twin Peaks series, it is narrated by the character Douglas Milford & is like a conspiracy “meta-theory” that combines many different explanations for the strange occurrences in the show.

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13 Reasons Why: Esoteric Theories And Strange Coincidences


I’ve just finished watching Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why—it’s a show geared towards teens, but I guess I had my Steve Buscemi “hello, fellow kids” meme on at the time. 13 Reasons is apparently the biggest pop-culture thing for teens since Twilight, so…

I noticed a ton of interesting resonances, synchronicities, and so on with this series, so I’m just going to sort of ramble and get right to it! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

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