The Gnosticism Of “The Good Place”


I’ll admit—after I watched the first couple of episodes of NBC’s The Good Place, I thought they were *OK* but felt no big commitment to keep following the series. Then I encountered recommendations to see the last episode of the 1st season—the unexpected ending of which, I was informed, CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Spoilers ahead—though if you really want to get the full bowel-loosening impact of that last episode, watch the first couple of episodes and then watch the finale and then read this article.

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The Passion Of The One True Morty


A Morty who chose to walk with Mortys is blessed with eternal joy. A Morty who chose to walk with Ricks is trapped in torment for one thousand years.
–Catechism Of Morty 1:11

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a few minutes discussing the lore of The One True Morty—regarding the character Morty from the cartoon Rick And Morty, and his several “aspects.” It really ties into the Horus/Set archetype stuff I’ve been discussing in terms of Robin/The Joker, and the series itself has been recently touching again upon those tropes. (R&M spoilers ahead)

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Sunday TV Watching…

I feel sort of “out of sync” with the world right now because I didn’t see the Twin Peaks finale (don’t have Showtime anymore), but have started watching Death Note on Netflix.

Death Note is a pretty big rabbit-hole in terms of just themes, archetypes, resonances, allusions to other pop-cultural works, relation to the Zeitgeist, and so on. It’s like if a gender-swapped Heathers with a death-god had a baby with Mr. Robot. I’ll definitely write about it—and catch up on the Twin Peaks stuff—but it’s just SO MUCH STUFF.


The Time The Kids Show “Arthur” Had An Alien Abduction Scene


The fact that the PBS children’s show Arthur once featured a South Park parody is bizarre enough…the creepy content of said parody, which features a SP-style alien abduction puts it over the top.

Here Arthur is carried off by Communion-style aliens, placed on an examination table/serving dish, and gets his clothes “blasted” off (WTF???). The aliens eventually reject him because he has “too much cholesterol.”

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Six Degrees Of Frank Olson


You’re all a bunch of thespians!
–Frank Olson

I had no idea what the Netflix miniseries Wormwood was about before I watched the trailer…but as I watched the protagonist talk nervously about LSD and then dive out a window, it all suddenly became very clear. This was about Frank Olson, a bioweapons expert who in 1953 allegedly threw himself out the window of the Statler hotel in New York City.

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“American Horror Story: Cult” And The Revival of “The Year Of The Mask”


So the title sequence for American Horror Story: Cult has hit the internet—on the total solar “Great American Eclipse” natch—featuring gore, clowns, and menacing figures wearing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.

So are we going through another Year Of The Mask, aren’t we? Like, “Year Of The Mask 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Damn.

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