Movie Notes: The Nice Guys

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Note: I’m trying this new thing where I just write out and expand upon some notes I’ve taken while watching movies & TV shows & etc. I’m not sure where I’m going with this; it’s largely a stream-of-consciousness thing.

The Nice Guys is a 2016 movie directed by Shane Black and starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Taking place in the late 1970s, it’s an action-comedy about a murder conspiracy centering around a porn movie. Hovering over the proceedings are various icons of the time, including Richard Nixon—but of course these ultimately contain parallels to the current era. Continue reading “Movie Notes: The Nice Guys”

Holy Blood, Holy Scully: The X-Files Season 10 Finale

I’m…totally not saying that Dana Scully is the Merovingian Goddess-Mother of the Upcoming Aeon Changeover. No, not at all.

Note: The premiere of The X-Files season 11 is January 3rd 2018.

“My Struggle,” the first episode of The X-Files season 10, ended with everybody going batshit paranoid insane—the New World Order apparently carrying out its fascist plot to take over the world.

We had a bunch of largely standalone episodes in-between, and when we finally got to the season finale, “My Struggle II”…everybody was still going batshit paranoid insane, and the New World Order was still carrying out its fascist plot to take over the world.

…but we also got some serious Alien Mother Goddess stuff going on, which was kind of interesting!

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The Last Story Of Dave Chappelle’s “The Bird Revelation”


That’s one reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal cryptic anecdote at the end of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special The Bird Revelation. Basically, he recounts a story from the classic book Pimp, by Iceberg Slim—and then ends the special by saying that the deeper meaning behind that story was why he suddenly quit his show in the mid-2000’s and went to Africa.

I’ll tell the gist of the anecdote after the jump, because it has a twist ending.

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All About The Enigmatic Georgia Guidestones


“Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason”
–The Georgia Guidestones

There is a uniquely American monument that you won’t see discussed very often in all the standard encyclopedias and travelogues: The Georgia Guidestones.

Located in Elbert County, Georgia, the Guidestones are somewhat of a “modern Stonehenge”—consisting of 5 massive slabs of granite topped with a sixth slab. Engraved on the slabs is a whole host of information, including something resembling almost a secular “Ten Commandments”:

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An Ode To The Human Ken Doll


Interviewer: Do you identify as a male, or a female, or somewhere in-between, or not-at-all?

Alves: I define myself as…unique. And special. I don’t want to be like an average person.

One of the topics I follow in the news is body modification. Back in the Nineties, many of these stories focused on mods that reflected “Modern Primitive” and even sort of “Goth” aesthetics…extreme piercings, cuttings, implanting horns, etc. The classic text regarding this subculture was the 1989 RE/Search book Modern Primitives.

Today…the quest to expand the limits of body modding has sort of blended with the reality show plastic surgery vibe, most exemplified by the “living doll” phenomenon: the Human Barbie Doll, and the Human Ken Doll.

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Practice Your Psychokinetic Abilities With This Nifty Online Test


Here’s one I’ve tried for yearsan online “PK” test.

Basically, you have two pictures, one of an idyllic Grecian theme and one of fruit. The picture in the middle will alternate between the two, until “randomly” it settles with one or the other. Choose the picture you want, and use all your psychokinetic X-Men abilities to make it finally appear.

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2018 Thoughts And Forecasts

ac5e377deaa0984c3682c581cf2161d3--bill-murray-ghostbusters-ghostbusters-movieI did run the tarot cards on a whim today, for each month of 2018. The reading definitely gave an organic “shape” to the year, and felt consistent. Instead of going over every card and every month, I’d rather just do a chill stream-of-consciousness thing with not so much “predictions” as rather general vibes I get about the coming year…

A note on my methodology: for each month I pull one card for general world events, another for the Universal energy, and yet another from a different deck to get more clarity. I use these only as guides and “springboards” for the writing that is to follow…

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