Has NASA Made It Easier For Aliens To Invade Earth?


This is a sensationalistic headline, to be sure—but when we consider that no less a formidable mind as Stephen Hawking has warned us that life on other worlds just might be “rapacious marauders roaming the cosmos in search of resources to plunder, and planets to conquer and colonise,” maybe not that sensationalistic.

National Geographic explores the possibility that the map to Earth etched into the twin Voyager spacecraft might lead aliens right to our front door. You see, they were launched in the late 1970s, and by now both are in the outer-reaches of our solar system and beyond.

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Bruno Borges Comes Home

A recent photo of Bruno Borges, back home and interviewed by the media

“I searched for isolation just so as not to be disturbed by the collective.”
–Bruno Borges, translated from the Portugeuse

And so my friends, who have stuck with me through all five months of The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bruno Borgeshe is apparently alive and well(-ish).

According to his family, Borges returned home Friday morning the 11th, though they are mum on further details. The young man had suddenly disappeared March 27, leaving behind a room filled with strange glyphs and diagrams drawn on the walls, a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno, a painting of him with an extraterrestrial, and 14 books written in code.

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NASA’s “Planetary Protection Officer” Position Is A Big Deal


There is an awful lot of very interesting stuff happening at the moment—stuff that I believe is going to have a major impact on the future of humanity. (though you wouldn’t know it by the relative lack of importance given to these stories by the media).

We have the instance of AI creating their own language (shut down immediately by researchers from Facebook). We have the DNA of an embryo that was successfully “edited.” And we have this open job position offered by NASA, for a “Planetary Protection Officer.”

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“Alien” Actor Yaphet Kotto Claims To Have Seen Aliens


Actor Yaphet Kotto, who co-starred in the original 1979 movie Alien as well as the James Bond film Live And Let Die, has publicly claimed to have seen both UFOs and aliens. The media outlet he chose to reveal this information to was Vice, which means it was reported in the most smug, condescending, and dismissive manner humanly possible.

Among his remembered experiences was seeing an alien in the Bronx when he was a child; Kotto described the creature as “at least five or six feet tall with an elongated head.”

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Spider-Man As An Alien Archetype


Is there no more iconic pop-culture symbol than the head of Spider-Man? This theoretically arachnid visage, coupled with the Superman “S” logo, has practically defined the superhero genre.

But: what archetype is the Spider-Man head design supposed to evoke? Because surely, it looks nothing like that of an actual spider:

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I Have Never Seen A UFO. But.


Today is World UFO Day, and I think this would be a good time to say: I have never seen a UFO. That I remember.

Now, I have seen “weird lights,” and all that. But there is just so much stuff “going on” in the sky that’s (hu)man-made—crazy secret experimental stuff, stuff that isn’t secret but nobody really understands it or knows the flight schedules…And now, with these drones and whatnot that’s only going to increase.


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Kyle Vs. The Amphibian Aliens From Mars


My life was ruined. Ruined by an intelligent species of amphibian-humanoids from Mars. I wish I was joking. Keep reading.
—Kyle Odom, “Manifesto”

In early 2014, University of Idaho student and ex-Marine Kyle Odom discovered the technique of meditation as a way to deal with the stress over his heavy coursework. By February of that year, he claimed to have encountered a “being” through these meditations.

On March 6, 2016, Odom shot Pastor Tim Remington inside a church parking lot. Two days later in Washington D.C., Odom was arrested after throwing documents over the South Fence of the White House. In those documents, as well as a Facebook status posted shortly after the Remington shooting, Odom claimed that the world was ruled by an ancient civilization from Mars.

What exactly happened to Kyle Odom when he was meditating in February of 2014?

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