Is There Really A Giant “Alien Face” In Antarctica?

Recently, an eagle-eyed UFO aficionado using Google Earth spotted what looked like a gigantic “alien” head sticking out of the Antarctic wastes.

I was skeptical of this entire (now-viral, natch) story, I decided to download the Google Earth app (pretty sure this isn’t all a stunt by Google) and check for myself: Continue reading “Is There Really A Giant “Alien Face” In Antarctica?”

Tom DeLonge Tells Us Not To Storm Blink-Area 51


Late night, come home
Work sucks, I know
She left me roses by the stairs,
Surprises, let me know she cares
–Blink 182, “All The Small Things”

In a now-deleted tweet, Tom DeLonge—co-founder of the rock band Blink-182 and avid UFO researcher—cautioned people not to storm the fabled Area 51 in Nevada in the search for “disclosure.”

In other news, about 500,000 people have “signed on” to storm Area 51 in September.

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Nixon, Jackie Gleason, and Aliens


“I have never seen a flying saucer anywhere personally but have read published flying saucer literature. Most of this literature is ridiculous, but amongst the trash there are some undeniable points that can not be refuted even by the United States Government.”
—Jackie Gleason

You might know Jackie Gleason from the classic 1950s TV sitcom The Honeymooners—but apparently he was also quite the UFO aficionado. Amassing a collection of over 1,700 books on the paranormal and flying saucers, Gleason even built an impressive UFO-shaped home in Peekskill New York that he called “The Mothership.” Continue reading “Nixon, Jackie Gleason, and Aliens”

Star Trek’s “The Cage”: Ancient Astronauts, Aliens and Lam Oh My


“The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”
–Charles Fort

We’re going to take a closer look at the 1965 Star Trek pilot “The Cage”—which the network tossed back to creator Gene Roddenberry as being “too cerebral.” (It’s a miracle the original series was able to stay as long on the air as it did).

What does this episode have to do with “Ancient Astronauts,” the Anunnaki, and perhaps even stranger stuff? Stay tuned!

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