The “Butterfly Language” Library Series


I tried introducing these 3 ebooks at the very beginning of the year, but it just didn’t feel *right*—but I finally feel that the content on the site & the audience that has grown around it can support these babies now.

Three free ebooks for you to download, either from this post or on the sidebar:

ELVIN: Sort of my “take” on VALIS. A young man starts channelling what he thinks is his childhood imaginary friend who might have also been the spirit of a dead child. Said entity provides him with amazing nuggets of wisdom concerning the nature of reality. Certainly not my attempt to shoehorn actual channeled info into some shape of a plot.

CONSPIRACY!: And here’s something that’s sort of like a combo of Illuminatus! and Fight Club (please forgive the high-concept BS, but let’s face it it’s a fast fast fast world and buzz words “sell”). Having lost his job and his dreams, Tod Moriens falls into a series of conspiracies—and under the thrall of a series of conspiracy gurus. Hyman Lidge, the one-armed former short-stop for the Boston Red Sox. Edith Snider, mysterious 1940s-styled femme fatale. And Hansel Van Halen, maniacal refugee from an MKUltra experiment and the head of the anarchic Zaius Project.

THE RAT COURIER: Here’s a short novella about a dystopian future where all meat is tainted by the devastating Braineater virus—and where the only meat available is via a limited supply of lab rats. It’s the story…of one special rat.

And there you go.

If any of these books *speak* to you, please pass them around, recommend them, create fan-fiction, and/or donate a few shells to ye olde Butterfly Language PayPal.



Weekend Update


And so folks, I find myself currently quite distracted because a massive sexual harassment scandal involving many many people I know has leapt from Hollywood and landed straight in the middle of my former industry and workplace…the comic book industry. And the face of my former co-worker is all over all the entertainment news sites—AND my local newspaper next to the words, in big letters, “PERV NATION.”

So I’m just…thinking about shit this weekend. I’m planning to do some writing too, but I’m also going to do a lot of thinking.

I’ve told you this before man, about those re-cycles and how “time is a flat circle.”