On This Day The World Didn’t End: The Harold Camping Story


I know way more about Harold Camping, the deceased radio evangelist, than I probably should. He’s best known for several failed doomsday prophecies, the most recent being on May 21, 2011 (Apocalypto Part One, The Rapture) and October 21 of that same year (Apocalypto Part Two, Electric Boogaloo).

The remarkable thing about Camping’s prophecies was how the media picked up on them—especially the May 2011 date, the hysteria that followed feeling like a test-run for the 2012 “Apocalypse.”

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The Inevitable Bruno Borges/”13 Reasons Why” Crossover Video


It was only inevitable that the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why would collide with the Brazilian phenomenon that is the disappearance of Bruno Borges.

If nothing else, this new YouTube parody, “13 Reasons Acre” (Borges lived in Acre), is evidence of how much this particular news story blew up in Brazil. I also get a lot of visitors outside the U.S. in general who seek these posts on Borges out—but perhaps things are currently too weird in the United States for many people to take notice here.

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Real Geniuses

Tony Stark and his “asset” Peter Parker

I had originally planned to write a post today about the character Winter Soldier as a MKUltra symbol, but got distracted by a random viewing of the 1985 comedy Real Genius. This movie reminded me of the flip-side of the MKUltra’ed soldier/assassin theme, the “softer side,” if you will: that of the young “real genius” who gets recruited by the government as to exploit their prodigious skills.

And the reason Real Genius “flipped switches” for me is because I also watched Captain America: Civil War for the first time a couple of days ago, and found out (admittedly, quite to my nerd-tinged shock) that Peter Parker—Spider-Man—is essentially an intelligence asset in that movie. Parker is a “Real Genius,” literally pulled out of school by his rich handler (Tony Stark, “Iron Man”) to risk his life out in the field.

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Breaking The Bruno Borges Code

As you may know by now if you have been following the story, Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old psychology student, vanished from his family’s home on March 27—leaving behind a temple-like room with coded words on the walls as well as in 14 books.

Great mystery surrounded these encrypted words, but now the origin of the code can finally be revealed. Is it Enochian? A strange channeled alien language? WHERE IS THIS CODE FROM??!

Try: The Junior Woodchucks’ Guide.


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This Video On VHS Generation Loss Will Leave You Staring Into The Mouth Of Madness


It starts innocently enough: a YouTuber provides a lesson on how the audio and visual quality of a video degrades after each generation. You know: making a copy of a copy of a copy…

The short clip chosen for this experiment is from a 1991 VHS of the band Roxette. And so this clip is played over and over again, as each generation is made; as the image starts to disintegrate into static and the sound warps into an unintelligible soup.

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The Spy Cats Of The CIA


Considering everything else that’s happening in the world, this is a relatively benign, even goofy, story…well, except for the cats.

Wikileaks recently tweeted a link to a CIA memo archive (which was released in 2001) that contained information on “Project Acoustic Kitty”—a five-year year project in the 1960s designed to turn ordinary cats into mobile recording devices.

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