Prince Harry Is Metal


The good people of Twitter want to know: Is this hand sign Prince Harry made during a recent meeting with Melania Trump part of a conspiracy? Was he trying to give a secret “hand signal” to Melania? Is this the first step before the secret English cabal that has been working for over 200 years to get the United States back takes over?

Or was he just trying to say, “Melania sucks!”

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The World Didn’t End And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


I have written on this topic several times now, but always tend to wait until the latest Apocalypse has been “averted”—this saves me the possible humiliation of having the world actually end and me being perhaps wrong. The latest EotW (End of the World) date was September 23, 2017, connected with an astrological alignment and Biblical verses.

Somehow, Nibiru—a fabled “rogue planet” that some tie in with the relatively recent discovery of “Planet Nine”—got involved. Then crazy shit started interrupting broadcasts in Orange County—apocalyptic messages telling scared listeners that “extremely violent times will come.” So: crazy stuff happening recently.

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This Fashion Show Means That The Illuminati Have Jumped The Shark

Can you spot the HIGHLY SYMBOLIC MEANING in this fashion photo???

This ALWAYS happens, man! You get something kinda edgy, something kinda “fringe”…something that only you and selected peeps on the internet know about but that your co-worker thinks you’re a nutter for believing…and then somebody goes and makes haute coutre fashions out of it (which means that these fashions will trickle down in unauthorized versions to like H&M and Forever 21 and those dumb kids at the mall will soon be wearing them).

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Beauty Meets The Beast In This Trailer For “Mansfield 66/67”


The friendship of 60’s Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield and Church Of Satan founder Anton LaVey is one for the ages: very reminiscent of the James Dean/Vampira relationship I’ve written about earlier. And the two unlikely pairings have another thing in common: urban legends involving fatal curses.

The upcoming documentary Mansfield 66/67 seems to delve into into the folklore surrounding a curse LaVey allegedly put upon Mansfield—or rather, upon her agent/companion Sam Brody. But also, Mansfield’s general connection to The Church Of Satan seems to be explored here, and, I would imagine, just the burgeoning “alternative religion” landscape of the latter part of the decade as a whole.

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Did The Ouija Board Curse Its Creator?


The title of this post is, admittedly, a bit “clickbaity”—William Fuld didn’t technically create the Ouija Board we are all familiar with. But like any good Capitalist, he recognized a good thing when he saw it, officially put his name on the board, and sued everybody else. But also…we all know there is no such thing as “curses.”

That said, I do have to ask: did the Ouija Board curse its “creator” with an untimely death?

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Washington D.C. Socialite Brags About “Hexing” Skills In New Memoir

What a witch who is really really really angry at you might look like.

I won’t say exactly what I did—even now I think that would be bad luck for me—but I practiced what I learned and observed. I worked on the hex for several days until I felt that it would have some effect.
–Sally Quinn, Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir

Here’s a really bizarre story about the “spiritual” memoir of a one Sally Quinn…former wife of late great Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and major Washington D.C. hostess. In her book, entitled Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir, Quinn seems to repeatedly “brag” about—or at least, “admit” to—”hexing” people who later die.

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The “IT” And “27 Club” Connection


I would assume that a number of our readers are familiar with the weird synchronicities and whatnot involved with the number 23. Then there is the “27 Club”…the sync where a number of famous rock stars like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse all died at the age of 27.

Now I’ve found out that there is a weird connection brought up about the number 27 and the book/TV miniseries/movie IT

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