Book Review: The Spear Of Destiny

the librarian-spear-of-destiny.jpg
I don’t have a lot of cool images related to this book, so I’m going to mostly instead run pics from various pop-culture adaptations of the legend…like this one from “The Librarian: Quest For The Spear”

The Spear appeared to be some sort of magical medium of revelation for it brought the world of ideas into such close and living perspective that human imagination became more real than the world of sense.
–Trevor Ravenscroft, “The Spear Of Destiny”

The Spear Of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscrofta story about reincarnation, alchemy, evil sorcerers, secret societies, soulless doppelgängers, sex magick, possession by alien entities, Aztec peyote, the Akashic Record, questionable homeopathic practices, psychic vaginal ectoplasm, a sacred Christian relic that could rend the very fabric of time as we know it, and, yes, Nazis—is one of the most elaborate and utterly bizarre conspiracy meta-narratives you will ever encounter

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Marketing Bruno Borges


Four months after he mysteriously disappeared from the Brazilian town of Acre, Bruno Borges is set to have one of the most anticipated book launches in the world.

On July 21, TAC – Theory of Absorption of Knowledge will be published by Borges’ family through Infinity Editorial and Marketing. It is the first of a projected 14-book series, decoded from spiral-bound hard copies the missing young man left behind. The art from the cover of the first volume was taken from a painting of a monk found on his wall. Borges even has his own logo now:

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I Have Never Seen A UFO. But.


Today is World UFO Day, and I think this would be a good time to say: I have never seen a UFO. That I remember.

Now, I have seen “weird lights,” and all that. But there is just so much stuff “going on” in the sky that’s (hu)man-made—crazy secret experimental stuff, stuff that isn’t secret but nobody really understands it or knows the flight schedules…And now, with these drones and whatnot that’s only going to increase.


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The One Where Philip K. Dick Publicly Announced The Existence Of The Matrix


I may be talking about something that does not exist; therefore I am free to say everything or nothing.
—Philip K. Dick

Something that came up on the radio show I did yesterday was the time in 1977 when Philip K. Dick announced to a French science-fiction convention audience that a) some of his fiction was “true” and b) we were probably all living in an artificial reality.

I can’t begin to describe or imagine what it must have been like to be in that room watching Dick say all this. It’s like something out of a John Carpenter or David Cronenberg movie. This was a respected author (at least, at that point, in sci-fi circles) basically stating some really far-out stuff as fact.

But it took a lot of guts to do.

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Review: The Paul Is Dead Documentary “Who Is This Now?”


Who Is This Now? is a short documentary on the “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy theory which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube. Standing out in an increasingly crowded subgenre of a subgenre, the film takes a fresh approach not only to the subject matter but—importantly to me—the way it is told.

If you need a brief refresher on the Paul Is Dead theory (and my post “Better Call Paul: The Mystery of the Winged Beatle” goes into this in far more detail), here goes: basically, it’s that Beatles singer Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a double. “Clues” to the existence of the “fake Paul” (“Faul”) can be found throughout Beatles album covers and lyrics—as well as playing the records backwards.

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Bruno Borges’ Family Makes Publishing Deal For His Decoded Books


This may be exciting news for those who are following the Bruno Borges saga: his family recently made a deal with an as-of-yet undisclosed publisher to release his decoded books.

Borges made Brazilian headlines in March when he disappeared, leaving behind his room (sans furniture) looking like an occult temple and 14 mysterious books in code. These books will apparently soon be decoded—and available for all to read and consider.

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The current controversy regarding NBC’s upcoming interview with Alex Jones brought up a topic that has been on my mind—belief. NBC is being slammed for appearing to give legitimacy to Jones—and, via Jones, to Sandy Hook “truther” conspiracies.

Last night I was listening to a podcast with a person whose work I’ve found occasionally thought-provoking in the past—even though his ideas are pretty much on the fringe (you know, unlike mine). He declared on this podcast that not only did he now believe Sandy Hook was completely “fake,” but he also suspects most of the key events from the last century were as well—that they were “Hollywood”-type productions using actors

That seems like a pretty big leap to make. How could someone think this way? And what, if anything, is to be “done” about that? That’s what I’d like to discuss here.

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