The Manson Web, Part 1


Five to one, baby
One in five
No one here gets out alive
–The Doors, “Five To One”

The passing of Charles Manson has inevitably led me to revisit the Sinister Forces trilogy by Peter Levenda, with the “Manson Secret” being the “scarlet thread of murder” that runs through all three volumes. Merely dipping a toe within chapter 11 of book two, “Night Of The Long Knives,” is like plunging headlong into a rabbit hole of leviathan proportions—a rabbit hole that not only encompasses Manson and the Sharon Tate murder, but Egyptian Gods, MKUltra, the JFK assassination, The Beach Boys, and even Richard M. Nixon.

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Spoilers (a.k.a. The M. Night Shyamalan Complex)


My entire life, I have had the strange knack of being able to “anticipate” endings. You could say, I can “see” the spoilers of Life.

I seem to have always had this knack, ever since I was a child—but back then, I didn’t understand what exactly I was sensing. When I was 12, my father was driving me to school one morning when I suddenly sensed that something was really, really wrong. I told him I was not feeling well and he took me home. Since he worked at night, I spent the entire day watching television with him.

He died that night at work.

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“My Friend Dahmer” Actor Curses Jeffrey Dahmer, Possibly Gets A Visit By Dahmer’s Angry Ghost


Despite his initial unassuming look, serial Jeffrey Dahmer was a scary guy…and he’s probably even scarier in the afterlife. Did his angry ghost visit actor Alex Wolff, who plays real-life Dahmer school friend Derf Backderf in the new movie My Friend Dahmer?

Wolff claims that he and Ross Lynch, who portrays the young Dahmer in the movie, were done for the day after a long shoot in a secluded house in Ohio. Neither were feeling very good—sick, nauseous—and Lynch decided to take out his frustration on the real Jeffrey Dahmer:

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Uri Geller Claims He Was Hired By The CIA To Investigate The JFK Assassination


The rest of the secret JFK assassination files are scheduled to be released this Thursday, and as expected, a lot of weird and interesting stuff is coming out of the woodwork. For example, psychic Uri Geller recently revealed in a Facebook post that he was hired by the CIA to investigate the JFK assassination…

Uh…I got a lot of questions here.

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The One With Billy Corgan Witnessing A Shapeshifter

how it all might have went down with that shapeshifter

Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan—who now looks like a cross between Gerard Way and Stefan Molyneux—recently described on The Howard Stern Show an encounter he had with what can only be described as a “shapeshifter.”

The two got on the topic when Stern brought up the fact that Corgan had been on The Alex Jones Show a few times…and that Jones believed in “a race of lizard people.”

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Florida Sheriff Issues Warning To Creepy Clowns: We Won’t Save You

what a creepy Florida clown might look like

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has had enough of creepy clowns and their creepy clown shit.

They have recently issued a stern warning on Facebook to “evil clowns,” warning the madcap mimes of mischief that they might be on their own if their victims decide to turn around and kick the living crap out of them:

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