Observations, 7/13/17


I try to put a certain amount of distance between me and new vinyl records, as they are my weakness. For the most part, they’re relatively expensive as compared to various streaming services, “free,” and digital (though interestingly, not that much more expensive than digital). But I like to just buy an album and put it on the turntable—listen to the whole thing, feel this sort of tangible “experience.”

Also, the coveting of the material object just presses all my buttons. A number of hardcore vinyl aficionados will freely cop to this fact in terms of their own collecting jones, which I appreciate.

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Marketing Bruno Borges


Four months after he mysteriously disappeared from the Brazilian town of Acre, Bruno Borges is set to have one of the most anticipated book launches in the world.

On July 21, TAC – Theory of Absorption of Knowledge will be published by Borges’ family through Infinity Editorial and Marketing. It is the first of a projected 14-book series, decoded from spiral-bound hard copies the missing young man left behind. The art from the cover of the first volume was taken from a painting of a monk found on his wall. Borges even has his own logo now:

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Spider-Man As An Alien Archetype


Is there no more iconic pop-culture symbol than the head of Spider-Man? This theoretically arachnid visage, coupled with the Superman “S” logo, has practically defined the superhero genre.

But: what archetype is the Spider-Man head design supposed to evoke? Because surely, it looks nothing like that of an actual spider:

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Joker And Harley Shot At Swinger’s Party

NOT a photo of the *actual people* involved in the case

Folks, every time you cosplay as the Joker outside of a bonafide comic book convention, you sort of “dance with the devil in the pale moonlight”—do you know what I’m saying? It’s a weird tango.

The latest “Joker incident” recently took place at a swinger’s club in Melbourne, Australia. Cops raided the “Sinners and Saints” party at 3 AM and shot a couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn—allegedly as the pair were having intercourse with each other.

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Did Society Fail The “Indigo Kids?”


I may be completely off-base and wrongheaded about this theory—so let’s just call it “wildly speculative.”

I was listening to the late Delores Cannon speak about different waves of “helping souls” that have chosen to incarnate upon this planet in order to assist humanity. And the Third Wave—which, coincidentally, is also the name of an uncanny futurist book by Alvin Toffler—are these type of ultra-smart, ultra-enlightened “miracle kids.” You know: basically, what has also be referred-to in general New Age circles as “indigo children.”

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