VR Is Failing Because The Real Future Is All In Your Mind


The Wall Street Journal reports that sales of virtual reality equipment have been disappointing; at this rate making it unlikely that they will reach the $12.65 billion forecasted for 2020.

But VR was supposed to be the “Next Big Thing”—for at least twenty years now. There were the TV shows VR.5 (1995) and VR Troopers (1994), not to mention The Lawnmower Man (1992). What the hell happened? Who wouldn’t want to put on goggles and be transported to another world entirely? The success of these devices were supposed to be a no-brainer.

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It Is Happening Again: The New Twin Peaks As Ritual


Should Twin Peaks, the cult TV show that ran in the early 1990s, really have been brought back 25 years later? And if the answer is yes, was the reason to finally solve some sort of mystery or crime, to come to some sort of Ultimate Answer…or was it simply the ritual of doing it all again, of evoking all these icons and symbols, the callbacks, the “stunt casting” chock full of meta-textual meaning.

And by calling it a “ritual,” I mean no sort of negative commentary in regards to the quality of this new Showtime version (continuation) of the series. But as our pop-culture becomes more and more about such “callbacks”—sequels, reboots, revivals, even CGI-generated avatars of deceased actors—it has to be noted that these “re-enactments” have a sort of magickal (and yes I’m going to use the version with the “k” at the end of it, fuck it) power to it.

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The New Fatalism, Part Two

chris-cornellI wrote “The New Fatalism” a couple of weeks ago, noting a “spike” in suicide imagery in popular culture (13 Reasons Why, the Kurt Cobain-themed Father John Misty video “Total Entertainment Forever”) as well as a couple of actual suicides that had recently happened.

Then there is the case of 24-year-old Bruno Borges, who made elaborate “preparations” and then simply vanished (just about to the day of the 20th anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate suicides); there is no evidence Borges killed himself, but there is a similar energy in terms of “disappearing.”

And now Chris Cornell is dead.

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Cover-Up Life vs. Authentic Life, Via “Iron Man”


This clip from the end of the 2008 film Iron Man really encapsulates for me the difference between living the “Cover Up” life and the Authentic life.

Tony Stark, a well-known public figure, has just been embroiled in some kerfuffle involving men in robotic suits beating each other up + massive damage everywhere. But a “cover” for him has been provided by essentially the CIA (SHIELD) so he can “get out of it” and nobody will know he was really one of the guys in the suits.

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Observations, 5/22/17


I’ll try to make these observations succinct, but I do need to get them out there:

a) I feel the stuff with Trump has been decided already, for a whole bunch of reasons I do not have the energy to enumerate at this time. They’ve already decided to get rid of him. I’m on neither “side” in declaring this. I’m just declaring what in my gut is really the case. But this is going to drag on like a bitch, even after he’s gone. I’m exhausted with it. I feel on some level, all this drama benefitted many parties.

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